Fully Immersive Video Porn using Oculus Rift Headset

April 30, 2014  /   Posted in Video

This appears to be a first in the industry as far as video porn goes. Utilizing the latest in head tracking technologies.

These videos place you into a realistic video porn experience where you are actually able to look around in the virtual world and see everything from an unique perspective.

This company is breaking new ground for the whole industry.







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Download Lucid Dreams Beta VR “Experience” Now!

April 21, 2014  /   Posted in Demo, Video

On Vimeo you’ll find some teaser videos that demonstrate virtual reality porn through means of using 3D models. Veiviev Limited, the company who showcases the video, provides a demo version for those who are new to Oculus Rift. The demo is titled Lucid Dreams, different than other stuff I’ve seen thus far; this video is actually pretty impressive.

A row of naked women sit in an empty white void. They are very detailed 3D scans of actual real women with an 8k resolution texture. I don’t recall ever seeing such realistic 3D people before. Up close you can even see the folds of their skin, moles, blemishes and any other natural imperfections.

If you enjoy reading the ever-popular Playboy, solely for the articles, you might argue that this video isn’t depicting porn, but rather a demo to demonstrate body scanning technology in general.


However, the positions in which the models are posing, definitely implies it’s more ‘porn’ than anything; with the intent to arouse. If you visit Veiviev Limited’s website you might think you’re reading a science fiction novel instead of looking at a company’s website. “We are at the cutting edge of digital and analogue human replication” is what you’ll read on their site. They claim their goal is create a pleasurable, and enjoyable, artificial interaction.

They have definitely done very well on the models, but will the animation deem to be just as real? Someone commented on their website, referring to this matter, and they commented that they’re working on the movements.

They also go on to mention the costs of creating such a virtual environment and without a high budget, they are taking their time getting it all done; and correct. They currently self-fund their work and the demos are from a male’s perspective; not too surprising.

I was, however, able to find a website where you can buy a head-set tracking-enabled porn videos from a female’s perspective, but in such early stages of virtual reality smut, that’s about as much progress as you’re going to see or find. Nonetheless, the development of the Oculus Rift and said porn environments is still growing and progressing at a steady past. Eventually, within the next few months, you should expect it to become even more sophisticated.

Download Lucid Dreams V2 here and try it out for yourself!

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