Mainstream Virtual Reality Porn is Almost There

June 26, 2014  /   Posted in Company News, Video

Considering the insatiability of human sexuality, I’m going to make an educated guess that more than one of you is already bored with internet porn. You followed the trend from bouncy synthetic blondes to “amateur” porn to actual amateur porn. Now you’ve arrived at the point where not even the most explicit POV shoot can get you going.

I might have a solution for you, at least if you can get access to an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, as web reported before that the porn company SugarDVD is currently developing interactive porn for the Facebook-owned technology. Using sensors placed on the actors, SugarDVD is working toward interactivity “as soon as possible,” according to spokesperson Rebecca Bolen.


Bolen goes on to explain that the initial version of Oculus Rift porn will be similar to some of their current “choose your adventure” offerings that allow users to direct the storyline. She also told The Daily Dot that the final demo will allow users to control what girls they see in the screen as well as what positions the ladies are in, which is a step above any virtual reality porn we’ve seen so far.

At least two other companies are also pushing forward with virtual reality porn. One of them, Wicked Paradise, is taking gaming to a sexy level by creating an entire virtual reality world in which users can seduce and bed attractive women. The other, Lucid Dreams, has released a NSFW video on Vimeo that shows the ways a user can “walk” around 3-D naked women who are frozen in porn poses. While the amount of detail is definitely impressive, this is a far cry from interactive porn.

However, considering the fact that Oculus Rift won’t even be released to the public until next year and we’re already seeing this level of effort being put into developing erotic uses for it, I imagine the sex industry will make good on its long and illustrious history of driving technologies and pull through for us with a whole new way to get off, once again.


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Virtual Reality Porn is the Future of Arousal

June 23, 2014  /   Posted in Company News

This likely comes as no shock to many of you who follow virtual reality technology, but porn will soon be coming to the Oculus Rift (virtual reality headset). SugarDVD, an adult film company, announced today that they are developing an app for the Oculus Rift, recently purchased by Facebook. The app will stream adult video and content and SugarDVD already provides services similar to Netflix where users can pay a low monthly fee and download porn to their smart phones, set-top box or PS4.

There are hundreds of developers coming up with games for the virtual reality headset, but SugarDVD has a goal of getting viewers into their favorite movies. They aim to take complete advantage of this new technology and are currently working with Los Angeles’ motion-capture studio to produce original, optimized virtual reality content.

The spokesperson for SugarDVD, Rebecca Bolen, recently told GamesBeat that they’re looking to include this interaction as quickly as possible. In the beginning the experience will be similar to that of ‘choose your own adventure’, much like we see on movies that provide ‘alternate’ endings, based on your selections. They look forward to using this feature in the virtual reality world.


SugarDVD will be releasing their Oculus app soon as a demo and could possibly show up next month at the Electronic Entertainment Expo tradeshow in L.A. Bolen also reported that they’re going to need beta testers when the demo is released. They will use their subscriber list to choose a group of testers so she’s encouraging users to sign up if they wish to have a chance at beta testing the app.

You might say that SugarDVD is taking advantage of this new industry by starting early since the Oculus has not yet been released to the public. Oculus has, however, sold developer versions of its hardware to thousands of buyers. A majority of gamers hopped on board early simply because of the potential Oculus has in offering a big leap for the interactive entertainment industry, but mark Zuckerberg (the new owner) sees Oculus Rift as the next big platform to follow mobile.

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