Demo of X360: A live-action VR pornography

August 14, 2014  /   Posted in Demo, Video

In this YouTube video eVRydayVR demos a interesting pornographic experience on the Rift, a 360 degree live-action short film by French-speaking studio X360, originally created in 2013 for their own virtual reality headset prototype. There is not much to actually see in this video but he explains it well.

Download it here to watch the full video yourself on either your Rift or your monitor.

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How much will Oculus Rift boost the Porn industry?

August 04, 2014  /   Posted in Company News, Games

4 months and 2 billion dollars after Facebook acquired Oculus we’re starting to really see just what directors and film makers will be able to do with the Oculus.

That being said, you can likely imagine what this means for the porn industry. The porn industry has actually been slightly ahead in terms of virtual reality software. The number of companies starting to offer real-time and 3D animation in a variety of fetishes is climbing in staggering numbers. However, the quality ranges, which is no surprise since many are in the beginning stages with kink being worked out as they arise.

Virtual reality pornographer Frank Asimo, is just one of the many individuals excited about the potential Oculus holds for this particular industry. Asimo is already behind Xmoons, which is a virtual reality porno game that lets gamers ‘chat’ with girls via a public dating site. You first earn the trust of a sex goddess and then proceed to the next level, and eventually you have a ‘love toy’ for life.

The difference in this game versus many other porn games, is that the characters have ‘real’ feelings. This is one reason the website encourages users to take their time and not ‘force’ the game play. While you eventually ‘win’ over your slaves, in which you’re allowed to do ‘anything’ you want with the character, because the characters have feelings they can become resistant if you’re playing too rough.

The ability to stream or record (or both) your present environment via Oculus is already an option so you can likely imagine just what kind of potential Oculus holds; whether good or bad. However, on an upside just remember that this will likely help keep certain ‘types’ at home instead of out mingling in the general public, so thank you internet for making this possible.

Asimo also states that the potential for webcam real-time sex is significant. Many adult entertainers currently make most of their income through webcam services. In addition, the Oculus brings more value to simply watching videos or enjoying adult gaming. That being said, it’s obviously able to boost many different aspects of the adult entertainment industry.

While Asimo is all for the Oculus to an extent, he does admit that it wouldn’t be the porn industry’s ‘solution.’ The industry has only been helping its demise rather than avoiding or preventing it. YouTube wouldn’t be here after all, if it wasn’t for the porn industry. Nonetheless, the value of just about any pornography has started declining due to the massive amounts of free porn available across the world wide web.

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