Red Dwarf Author Thinks Oculus Rift Porn Will Be Huge

October 22, 2014  /   Posted in Uncategorized

Rob Grant, a sci-fi writer, author of the Red Dwarf series, is known to predict tech trends throughout the series including interactive watches and AR simulation machines.

Grant believes that while it’s interesting to know that Oculus VR is looking to make Brett Riverboat (knife man) a reality, something even greater than gaming will be what pioneers this new ‘reality’ platform and that is Porn.

Grant says, “Once they get the haptics right, you will be able to have virtual sex. It’s going to create lots of strange sorts of moral problems because you can literally have sex with anyone or anything. Oculus is making really great strides, it can change the world completely. The breakthrough will come when someone devises a program that replicates itself and can create a universe once you set it off. Then the algorithms will create places for you to go and people for you to interact with without having it all having to be pre-programmed. That will be the kind of game that launches the technology into another generation – well, either a great game like that, or porn.”

The success of any platform often rests on the sex industry, including VHS and Blu-Ray discs even, so it’s not hard to see Grant’s perspective on the matter. However, Oculus doesn’t necessarily have this as a priority while in the funding stages.

The interview is actually pretty amazing and one that tech-lovers don’t want to miss. Grant also discusses the Google Glass that has been invading the world of techies everywhere.

“We’re all going to be wearing Glass in 20 years – we absolutely are, whatever people say. I think it will mature a bit more and be a really interesting technology. It’s fascinating tech.

“The sad thing, of course, is the demise of the pub bore – the guy that used to come up with these bullshit facts. Now we just check it out on your smartphone and, soon, without having to lift a finger. It’s great.”

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