Play Girls demo out now for Oculus Rift

November 25, 2014  /   Posted in Company News, Demo

Fully utilize the power of Oculus rift technology for a truly realistic virtual reality sex experience. Play Girls is currently being developed in Japan, but with the Demo sneak peak being released you can get taste of just what this innovative technology now has to offer.

Virtual reality has never been as immersive and realistic, Play Girls puts you right in the middle of the action providing the virtual reality sex experience that you’ve been waiting for. 3D rendering technology was used to make a realistic virtual copy of the actress’s body adding a whole new level of realism and immersion to the experience.

Even in the demo stage the game is receiving waves of positive feedback for its high level of player immersion. This is what players have been looking forward to for years and its finally here.

Games of all kinds have always been struggling to bring the player further into the game and make them a part of it. Oculus rift technology is the latest extension of this progression and Play Girls brings this advancement into the realm of virtual reality sex.

Oculus rift technology will fundamentally change the way in which we participate and enjoy virtual reality and Play girls will change the way we enjoy virtual reality sex.

Be one of the first to download the Play Girls demo and experience everything that oculus rift and true virtual reality technology has to offer. Welcome to the future, enjoy it.

Download the demo here

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The Digital Love Industry Documentary

November 24, 2014  /   Posted in Company News, Video

It’s likely safe to say that pretty soon you can say goodbye the middleman, also known as the world wide web, when it comes to how you view and partake in masturbating and dating. Let’s face it, the Internet has played an important role in the modern world of love, sex and everything in between. Virtual reality is making it’s way into the market and in ways nobody ever imagined. Just think, what would you do if all you had to do is slip on an Oculus Rift (a VR headset) to enter a world where your special partner could be, just waiting to meet you.

VICE decided to investigate just how sex and love fare in the digital age, which is revealed in Digital Love. The adult entertainment industry is first, of course, and we travel to “Porn Valley” in LA to experience first-hand just how real virtual reality is. Then we travel to Amsterdam’s, the se capital of Europe, where you commonly find “teledildonics” being used among the Dutch to heighten their long-distance relationships.

While on this journey we delve into more detail, picking apart the grip that digital age has on relationships in the world today. Dating has become quite revolutionary via social media and the use of apps. True, honest, real-life relationships and romances are being destroyed due to virtual affairs and particular online games that have taken X-rated to a completely new level. In addition, we also examine a modern taboo that makes us question if people who find relationships through a machine, can ever expect it to progress into a real-life, physical relationship…

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Oculus XXX Plans To Transform Your Home Into A Virtual Brothel

November 06, 2014  /   Posted in Games, Video

Behold the means to become an active virtual reality participant and not just a viewer with the technology of the Oculus Rift.

Get ready to transform your home into a virtual reality environment with many options of creating your own anatomical partner at your very own fingertips. That’s right, in 2015 Oculus XXX will be available to consumers and will allow you to make detailed selections including preferred hair color, breast size and so much more.

And if that isn’t enough, you even have the ability to design certain acts or positions that you prefer and enjoy, or maybe those that you are too embarrassed to mention in real life, according to the Daily Beast.

If you think movies are enjoyable and an up-close and personal means for watching porn, imagine how satisfying 3D porn would be with the Oculus Rift. According to the founder and CEO of Utherverse, a virtual reality network, Brian Shuster deems that the Oculus Rift will do just that. “The studios doing major motion pictures weren’t exactly equipped to capture how the inner labia works,” he maintains.

To make virtual reality sex what it should be, you take two new technologies, Oculus Rift and Leap Motion, and integrate them together, creating the best environment for virtual reality. The Leap Motion is designed to bring the outside world (and certain elements; your hands for example) into the virtual world via a camera.

“Everything you see is virtual but now with your hands there we can create menus—items that you can just reach up and grab, point, and click,” explains Shuster. “You can also interact with the environment. Not only can you navigate the menus, but you can grab a chair and drag it over, or grab your partner and do things with him or her.”

If you have kept up with recent virtual reality technology, you are likely skeptical as to how realistic Oculus XXX will actually be. Well, according to a demo of the video game Alien, through the use of this same technology, questions were actually evoked concerning the safety of playing such a game in this way. Why? Because the results of this technology with this particular video game were very realistic and frightening, striking the possibility of heart attacks or other issues as a result of the intensity.

“For a moment or two, we actually stopped breathing. Too panicked and terrified to do what the human body does naturally, less we make a sound. Yes, it really is that good.” That was how Pocket-lint described their experience when playing Alien using the Oculus Rift headset.

However, Alec Helmy, the President of Xbiz, in regards to VR sex claims that “it’s going to be a while before it really goes mainstream in terms of a device for mass consumption of entertainment or content.” In addition, he also stated that “Undoubtedly this technology is going to be a game changer for porn… At the end of the day you could create the most immersive, incredible experience, but if the device is not in too many hands then that limits the commercial potential of it.”

No doubt the influence of just how much an impact virtual reality sex will have on a real, present-time relationship is still at question. Nonetheless, there are people who still believe that the Internet and social media have actually benefited many relationships today. The co-founder of porn app store MiKandi, Jennifer McEwen, believes that two real-life lovers who can enjoy simulated sex far progresses online dating and relationships. She makes a very good point.

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