Play Girls demo out now for Oculus Rift

November 25, 2014  /   Posted in Company News, Demo

Fully utilize the power of Oculus rift technology for a truly realistic virtual reality sex experience. Play Girls is currently being developed in Japan, but with the Demo sneak peak being released you can get taste of just what this innovative technology now has to offer.

Virtual reality has never been as immersive and realistic, Play Girls puts you right in the middle of the action providing the virtual reality sex experience that you’ve been waiting for. 3D rendering technology was used to make a realistic virtual copy of the actress’s body adding a whole new level of realism and immersion to the experience.

Even in the demo stage the game is receiving waves of positive feedback for its high level of player immersion. This is what players have been looking forward to for years and its finally here.

Games of all kinds have always been struggling to bring the player further into the game and make them a part of it. Oculus rift technology is the latest extension of this progression and Play Girls brings this advancement into the realm of virtual reality sex.

Oculus rift technology will fundamentally change the way in which we participate and enjoy virtual reality and Play girls will change the way we enjoy virtual reality sex.

Be one of the first to download the Play Girls demo and experience everything that oculus rift and true virtual reality technology has to offer. Welcome to the future, enjoy it.

Download the demo here

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