The Digital Love Industry Documentary

November 24, 2014  /   Posted in Company News, Video

It’s likely safe to say that pretty soon you can say goodbye the middleman, also known as the world wide web, when it comes to how you view and partake in masturbating and dating. Let’s face it, the Internet has played an important role in the modern world of love, sex and everything in between. Virtual reality is making it’s way into the market and in ways nobody ever imagined. Just think, what would you do if all you had to do is slip on an Oculus Rift (a VR headset) to enter a world where your special partner could be, just waiting to meet you.

VICE decided to investigate just how sex and love fare in the digital age, which is revealed in Digital Love. The adult entertainment industry is first, of course, and we travel to “Porn Valley” in LA to experience first-hand just how real virtual reality is. Then we travel to Amsterdam’s, the se capital of Europe, where you commonly find “teledildonics” being used among the Dutch to heighten their long-distance relationships.

While on this journey we delve into more detail, picking apart the grip that digital age has on relationships in the world today. Dating has become quite revolutionary via social media and the use of apps. True, honest, real-life relationships and romances are being destroyed due to virtual affairs and particular online games that have taken X-rated to a completely new level. In addition, we also examine a modern taboo that makes us question if people who find relationships through a machine, can ever expect it to progress into a real-life, physical relationship…

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