Virtual Real Porn Review – Real Porn Videos for VR Headsets

December 08, 2014  /   Posted in Company News, Video

Virtual real porn is at the forefront of the new frontier of virtual reality pornography that is revolutionizing and reinventing the adult film industry. With previous experience creating stereoscopic pornographic videos they are not simply jumping on the bandwagon or scrambling meet the massive new demand for virtual reality technology to come to the adult film industry. They are on the cutting edge pushing this medium into the industry.

virtual real porn

By taking the risk of adopting  the new technology early Virtual Real porn was able to get ahead of curve developing content for the Oculus Rift. As genuine fans of the technology and the concept of virtual reality adult entertainment it wasn’t difficult to find people passionate about making it a reality. After all virtual reality pornography opens up also sorts of doors for fantasy fulfilment.

There have had to be adjustments and learning experiences along the way, avoiding excessive movement from the point of the view of the viewer to avoid nausea for example. The change in the medium has also changed the way a project is filmed and produced. There has to be extra attention given to this throughout the entire production. The result however is very polished product that offers a more immersive user experience. The actors are still excited to see their 3D counterparts for the first time.

virtual real porn

The next step in this new frontier is to create more compatibility with toys and other accessories, to provide a more fulfilling experience for the viewer. Plans are in the works to make this a reality. As the technology evolves there will be more specialization, which will extend out to more genres and niches of the adult film industry.

This technology provides the opportunity for more creativity, the ability to switch the point of view from one actor to another is another idea being developed, adding to its versatility. It also allows the the viewer to be much more of a participant than a passive observer, fully immersing them into the experience.

The future of virtual reality pronography isn’t set but it is looking very bright. The enthusiasm on the part of the consumers and the creators shows a lot of promise. It is likely that this will be come a well embraced medium in which people commonly view adult content and virtual real porn will be there pushing what can be done with this technology.

With dozens of full length videos already available and weekly updates it is definitely worth the membership price.


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3DXChat Review – The Second Life of Porn

December 05, 2014  /   Posted in Games

3DXChat is basically the same as second life minus all of the real life relationship aspects.

Game Features

  • 3DXChat is one of the first full featured games to work on the Oculus Rift. (virtual reality headset) support
  • Support USB sex toy: VStroker Fleshlight
  • Amazing graphics (look at the screenshots below!)
  • Models captured from real life bodies
  • Thousands of real people online now!
  • Move around and interact
  • Design your own house (kind of the like the sims)
  • Customizing the appearance of characters
  • Wide selection of clothes

3DXChat Oculus Rift
3DXChat Oculus Rift

$19.95 per month

Is it worth it?
Yes, just look at the screenshots. Lighting effects. Pretty good for one of the first full featured games on the Oculus Rift

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