Red Light Center 2.0 For Oculus Rift Will Be Out Soon

January 28, 2015  /   Posted in Company News

Red Light CenterAdult entertainment has always taken advantage of the latest technologies, helping spur adoption. That is why Utherverse Digital’s announcement of its 3D virtual world, Red Light Center, will be developed with the Oculus Rift virtual reality platform.

About RedLightCenter and Utherverse is an adult-oriented site, which permits virtual sex and other acts between consenting adults. The initial version of the site has been in service for a decade, though the version 2.0 refresh will bring better graphics and compatibility with virtual reality goggles (i.e. the Oculus Rift.)

This will lead to a more immersive experience, according to Utherverse CEO Brian Shuster, during his recent interview with the online publication VentureBeat. This adult service is said to be the largest MMO available on the Oculus system.

Red Light Center is an adult oriented version of the popular Second Life, a product by Linden Lab. First launched in 2005, this service offers everything from virtual meeting rooms to stores. It even offers sources of higher culture, through art galleries and classes. The major difference is the elimination of censorship, and the expectation that adult-specific content will be discussed regularly.

Financial Success

red light centerThe current service has had moderate success, with only 25 million participants in the United States and abroad. The most common cited reason was the poor animations and interface that the site offered, according to Shuster.

Numerous adult games have been formed over the years, hoping to capitalize off the success of MMO games like World of Warcraft or Internet Services like Second Life. Very few remain, due to a combination of interest and poorly thought out financing models.

Most of these sites concentrated on obtaining capital through one of two means. The first was the use of a monthly fee. The second was through an in-game currency that fluctuated on the regular market. Both of these services faced a fundamental problem. They were only useful if others were on it, and getting enough people to utilize the service was impossible for most.

Utherverse diversified their monetization efforts, obtaining operating capital from everything ranging from advertising to franchise fees. It also runs its own virtual currency, with a small profit margin attached. The one thing Utherverse does not charge is end-user access. Anyone (within legal reason) can join the site and participate free.

With a workforce approaching 500 people, the company has grown based off its own merits. No outside funding has been used, and it wishes to keep it that way as it progresses.

The new Release Of Red Light Center 2.0 will be one of the most anticipated Virtual Reality Porn games yet. It will be out of beta very soon.

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