Oculus Erotic Review

March 31, 2015  /   Posted in Company News

Today we’ve had the opportunity to test the “Naughty Flat Oculus Rift Demo”. Created by a new team of developers at Oculuserotic.com, the demo shows you the Oculus Rift DK2 capabilities of real human bodies rendering. Oculus Erotic teams consists of 3D, 2D artists and virtual reality enthusiasts. The team says that Virtual reality has made a huge step during the past 3 years, and with Oculus Rift HMD release everyone can have a trip of their life, sitting at home. The project was started with one goal – create the realistic erotic experience for VR users and bring the new quality level for Oculus Rift demos.  Demo was made and tested on Oculus Rift DK2 version, which means that work on any other devices is not guaranteed. The scene was created and optimized for the best DK2 performance. However, you can adjust the graphic settings while playing. Menus navigation is using head tracking, which makes it easy to use. Natural lighting and HMD optimizations provide a great feel of presence when walking across the “Naughty Flat” ladies.


Scene specs:

  • VR Platform: Oculus Rift DK2
  • In Game changing of Important settings to the Oculus Rift
  • Look based interaction
  • Head Rotation Blend Spaces controlled by the HMD rotation
  • Rift optimized global post processing
  • Character rotation based from head look and positional tracking body IK
  • VR Comfort Mode
  • A context menu for changing locomotion, HMD settings and scalability settings

On their website you can also find another Oculus Rift DK2 Demo, called “Pleasure Room”, which includes 4 more high quality female body scans, in a realistic environment, which even includes a TV with erotic movie on it.




Both VR experiences are worth a try and will keep you busy for some time! Visit http://www.oculuserotic.com/ to try out the demo.

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How Virtual Reality Pornography Boosts Confidence

March 04, 2015  /   Posted in Uncategorized

Many people suffer from low self-esteem and seek medical treatment for it. One treatment that is not thought of is virtual reality pornography. There are no drugs or hypnotherapy involved. You simply need an Oculus Rift, virtual reality pornography game, and a VStroker. The claims of Virtual Reality being beneficial to raise self-esteem levels are still being studied scientifically, but it is easy to see how it helps.


Concept Design

A group of psychologists and computer scientists from the University of Derby, University College London, and the University of Barcelona designed the concept of virtual reality therapy. Their therapy works to boost women’s self-confidence using the Oculus Rift. Their program will create a computer-generated image of the user and used with the therapy game, it helps with psychological troubles. This includes self-critiquing, but also reduces post-traumatic stress disorder. They have also seen subjects increase feelings of contentment. They had lots of success with it.


How It Works

With all of that said, it will still take more time to see if virtual reality pornography actually helps with self-confidence and self-esteem. In virtual reality pornography, you have the ability to see your dreams in an alternate reality. You will see beautiful women and men and be able to interact with them. This is great for people who battle with shyness, especially if it is not a choice to be an introvert. People who wish they could interact with others and talk to people of opposite gender will be given the ability to do that in virtual reality.



To see how virtual reality pornography works, it is best to look at an example. 3DXChat is one type of online virtual reality game for adult pleasure. You simply chat with other people’s avatars and you will become accustomed to conversing with others. Over time, you will start to see your fears of interacting with other people will also begin to dissipate. You will then be able to start interacting with people in real life and continue to feel comfortable.



One of the biggest embarrassments is being caught by a friend or loved one enjoying pornography. This can be even more so if the pornography is an adult virtual reality game. However, instead of feeling embarrassed, you can now tell them that you are performing self-therapy to overcome phobias and discomfort. Simply ask them to leave since therapy is a private matter and continue learning to overcome your fears. As you develop the ability to talk to others, you will be able to enjoy real life even more.

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