VRtube.xxx Review – First Holographic 3D Oculus Rift Porn

April 08, 2015  /   Posted in Company News, Demo, Video

Virtual reality technology has started to really make an appearance in the adult entertainment industry and this has many of us very excited. Like any new idea, it may take some time before a majority of people are aware of it’s presence. Imagine donning a pair of specialty goggles that allow you to watch 3D sex scenes directly from your mobile device or home computer. Now, imagine you can change the viewing perspective to one you like and zoom in or out on the image/screen to get a more close or farther view…VRtube.xxx is ready to bring that idea to life.


How It Works


Thanks to the advances in technology over the past decade, this idea actually has a chance to become reality. Cameras that can shoot infrared in addition to regular video are used to record the subject. The infrared creates a ‘point cloud’ to track the overall size of the subject; depth, length and height. This is how a viewer will be able to change the perspective and angle of the image to view the subject from the side, front, rear, etc.


Actual Models


Unlike many virtual reality programs, the most notable difference of what VRtube will offer is that you will see the ‘actual’ models. Many programs use avatars that were created using real people and a green screen then animating their images, but that will not be the case for VRtube.


ela darling


Try It Out Now


Right now you can enjoy glimpses of some of the hottest virtual reality stars via VRtube including Lotus Lain and Ela Darling. You don’t need to spend a lot of dough either; each can be viewed for under $5. Of course, you need to have an Oculus Rift headset or other kind of virtual reality headset, a computer and the VR program which you can get for free on VRtube’s website.


According to Ela Darling new models will likely be added regularly for your viewing pleasure including Amy Black, Madison Scott and Sinn Sage. So it’s time to get your VR headset ready (or ordered) and start downloading the available sneak-peaks on VRtube.xxx but be forewarned – you are going to have a first-time real VR experience that you won’t soon forget!



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