Virtual Reality Porn More Riveting Thanks to Sex Toy Startup

June 02, 2015  /   Posted in Company News, Toys

While companies of the adult entertainment industry are still waiting to receive shipment confirmations for consumer version of Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, they have already begun developing and creating sex toys they claim will enhance virtual reality porn for the better.

Virtual Real Porn has partnered with Lovense, a tech sex toy manufacturer, to introduce touch feedback for virtual reality porn videos. This feedback is labeled ‘haptics’ and was developed to enable the toys to provide a more riveting experience for the user.

These particular sex toys will be compatible with porn apps running on the popular headsets Samsung Gear and Oculus Rift, in addition to other gadgets. The tech sex toys will be connected to a user’s smartphone or computer via a Bluetooth wireless dongle that comes with the toys.


Virtual Real Porn’s specific movie player is already able to recognize the device. The performers’ movements are then synced with the toys via this connection.

 How It Works

The ‘male’ toy will contract depending on how fast the female performs and when their bodies collide or contact the toy will vibrate. The ‘female’ toy’s head will rotate depending on how fast the male performs while the clitoris stimulation arm vibrates every time their bodies touch.

“This was an unexpected partnership, but we believe it is a positive development for Lovense,” said founder Dan Liu in a statement. “Our focus is to use sex tech products to solve problems for consumers, but when they approached us, we immediately saw the potential. They are the top virtual porn content producers, and we are a leading teledildonics [computer-controlled sex toys] company, so the partnership felt natural. We are both pioneers in our respective industries.”

Compatible VR Systems

  • Oculus DK1 protoype
  • Oculus DK2
  • Oculus Rift Consumer Version (available in 2016)
  • Android smartphones
  • IOS smartphones
  • Samsung Gear VR

Virtual Real Porn is currently in the works of developing iOS and Android apps. The toy integration will be offered when the app is released; expected release date is over the next several months. Once the commercial VR headsets are shipped and readily available to consumers one can expect that Virtual Real Player will start to notice a broader and much larger audience.

Virtual Real Porn currently offers users point-of-view porn with high quality videos filed in 180 degree stereoscopic viewing. The company has plans to increase film productions and has released a video per week plan.

Lovense, a well known manufacturer, created its very first interactive vibrator in 2010. In 2013 the manufacturer released two-way interactive teledildonic sex toys. Both companies formally founded in 2013.

Lovense’s owner Liu came up with the idea for his company while in a long-distance relationship. Trying to sexually communicate while in a long-distance relationship proved to be challenging to Liu and so his brainstorming of options to solve this dilemma first began at that time. Eventually he came up with the idea that is now Lovense’s sex toys.

Virtual Real Porn was started when Leonor Laplaza and her husband realized that Oculus Rift porn videos were not being created by any other companies. They began their work on the technology and happened to have a friend in the porn industry that they consulted during the beginning stages.

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