BaDoink Launches Virtual Reality Porn Website

August 28, 2015  /   Posted in Company News, Video

A newly released website has recently been launched that is sure to grab your attention if you love all things virtual reality and adult entertainment. A leading adult entertainment website,, has teamed up with which is a lifestyle and SexTech magazine, to release a website unlike any other called BaDoinkVR. Here you can watch 180 degree or 360 degree live action videos. And what would make this experience even better? Taking advantage of being among the first 10,000 people to visit and receiving a free virtual reality headset courtesy of BaDoink.

Increasing Virtual Reality Viewers

According to the CEO of CM Productions, LLC, the company behind the brand of BaDoink, Todd Glider states that virtual reality has been unable to really come to light due to expensive required devices. Right now it’s hard to find affordable virtual reality devices, therefore many people are apprehensive about participating. Todd Glider mentions that the future is virtual reality so they’re making it their priority to make it accessible to the masses. Their goal is to stimulate the virtual reality industry and bring it to light more than ever before.

Obviously, their first technique for doing so is through the initiative of offering free virtual reality headsets to the first 10,000 people to visit This new website they have now launched is the second initiative responsible for widening the audience for virtual reality. is the new go-to site where users will find the latest and greatest adult entertainment stars in erotic virtual reality scenes. CEO Todd Glider goes on to say that they have top producers involved in their new scenes and shoot weekly. This ensures the audience receives only the best, high-quality VR experience during their visit.

Todd Glider was also mentioned in Tech Cocktail in an article discussing 50 Shades of Grey and it’s effect on the SexTech magazine, with 2015 being the year SexTech really breaks through. He says it will definitely inspire many different situations; debate, controversy, even investment. All the tech giants, innovators, special interests and politicians will be vying for their fair share of the news.

The Voice of SexTech

CEO Todd Glider says that their website was launched more than a year ago, with the goal of becoming SexTech’s voice. To be the forum where people can actively have discussions about sex and helping to create a sex-positive culture. In addition, users will have access to disseminating news and other information regarding the entrepreneurs involved in SexTech.

In February 2015 BaDoink also launched the Twitter chat #SexTechTalk, where a bi-monthly discussions takes place covering the union of technology and sex. Guest moderators partake in addition to writers from BaDoink. The chat takes place at 3pm EDT on Wednesdays two times a month. You can join the discussion by using the hashtag #SexTechTalk.

Some history about the Adult Entertainment Leaders BaDoink

The initial launch of BaDoink, a product of CM Productions, LLC and founded in 2006, was to be the primary adult entertainment website online utilizing powerful technology platforms so that users can enjoy content on any device. Users also have the option to stream the content from their device to their TV wirelessly. SexTech, BaDoink’s online magazine came to life in 2014 and focuses on the merge taking place between lifestyle, technology and sex.

Try BaDoinkVR Now

Join now for $29.99 per month. Members Get:

  • A FREE pair of Virtual Reality Googles so you can enjoy the highest quality VR Porn
  • 180 and 360 degrees of freedom filmed in Stereoscopic 3d
  • Awesome Binaural Sound System: 360 degrees of perfect sound
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