VR Porn Video vs. VR Video Games: State of the Industry

December 15, 2017  /   Posted in Games, Tech, Video

Virtual reality has been available to the mainstream market for some time now and it’s been long enough for us VR nerds to speculate on the future of this technology. How will it progress? Will it stagnate and be taken over by something else like augmented reality? We don’t have the crystal ball, but so far, the VR industry is being driven by video games and porn, with the latter being the area that has the most potential for growth.
Looking specifically at the pornography aspect of virtual reality, there are two main categories emerging; VR porn video and VR porn games. Each is a driving force for innovation within the VR porn industry but up until now, video VR porn is dominating.

It should not be surprising that video VR porn is far bigger than VR porn video games. The visuals are on-point, the action is hot and viewers are used to this type of pornography. However, if we look at what’s currently happening in VR porn, the technology seems to be in a state of transition. VR porn video looks great but isn’t interactive, so viewers are asking for games or apps that can take the technology to it’s full potential. That of course means erotic and interactive VR porn video games. It’s all about moving forward, and the biggest area for diversification is through VR porn apps and games. The problem right now is that these games look like something out of the year 2001, with the graphics not up to par with what viewers want and expect. The idea is solid but the execution needs some work. This begs the question of “Is there a future for VR porn video games?”

There is no real direct answer to that question. In the past, porn video games have never really been able to establish themselves or progress due to a lack of interest and funding. The lack of interest could be boiled down to crappy in-game visuals, especially compared to actual video porn. 2D porn video games also lacked interactivity so their viewership was inherently small. This low demand and X-rated subject matter never made them attractive for funding. The other issue with procuring funding has always been that the marketplace refuses to have anything to do with porn in general.


Screen shots from the video game Tomb Raider 1996 – 2017

This might all be changing though, and rapidly. There is a huge boom for adult content and adult video games, especially in the virtual reality sector. Videos and games alike are immersive, and interactivity is growing. VR porn is great, both in terms of video and games. Viewers (and our culture as a whole) are becoming less conservative, meaning acceptance of pornography is becoming more main stream. This goes for both VR porn video games and VR porn videos alike. While 3D video has been adopted by the porn industry, the 3D porn game side has been slower to garner industry support. That’s all changing though, as the VR porn industry continues to gain momentum. Websites like Patreon already enable investment from independent sources (viewers & fans) that is helping producers come out with a wide variety of VR porn games. As funding increases, so will the realism of virtual reality porn video games.

Virtual reality is essentially still in it’s pioneering days and producers have been jumping in head first. 3D video aside, it’s a no-brainer that VR porn video games have huge potential. It’s no secret that demand for virtual sex is rising, corresponding with the growth of teledildonics and interactive VR porn apps.

Who hasn’t had a sexual fantasy involving a fictional character? It’s an extremely appealing notion to be able to interact and have sex with someone like D.Va from Overwatch. People love real life porn stars, but anime, hentai and the like, are already very popular. If the technology can create the experience correctly – VR porn video games could be huge. At this time, VR porn video games such as Virt-a-mate or VirtuallyNaked can provide you with an interactive experience, but they lack the realism required for market success. The AI is getting better, facial movements and things like moaning are fairly on-point but the visual technology isn’t there yet. It seems the focus has been more on interactivity than it has been on graphics, so for now, it’s VR porn video that leads the way. However, it’s probably a safe bet that once the graphical aspect catches up, these VR porn games will stake their own claim in the rich landscape of VR. Realistic visuals, combined with A.I. interactivity and functional teledildonics will bring virtual sex to life.

VR porn video games aren’t going to supplant VR porn video, they are inherently two different things, but once the realism aspect gets sorted out, VR porn games are going to take off as well. The future of VR sex is quickly becoming a reality.

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