Virtual Reality Porn & Neuroscience

July 16, 2018  /   Posted in Science, Tech

Ever been curious as to how virtual reality porn is received by your brain? How it may affect your brain? BaDoinkVR actually joined Neurons Inc recently to conduct a pilot study to determine just that. The study evaluated how the brain responds psychologically but also biologically to that of VR porn videos. The information obtained from this study will be used by BaDoinkVR to further push the limits of virtual reality porn, building an entire new foundation for future generations.


The Study

A group of participants were instructed to watch the exact same adult video but in two different formats; 3D and 2D. An EEG system was used during this exercise to measure brain activity of the participants. It measured the level of mental processing (cognitive load), level of interest (motivation), and level of excitement (arousal).

The results of the findings for each experience, 2D and 3D, were then able to be compared by the neuroscientists at Neurons Inc. This helped them gain significant insight into how people engage, respond and interact with VR environments. Furthermore, and interestingly, the study also showed that participants had key moments where the video they were watching elicited strong responses emotionally, both in a good and bad way, subjectively speaking.


The Key Findings of the Study

Participants displayed a drastically higher level of mental processing while watching 3D porn videos as compared to 2D porn videos.

Just before the performer undresses in the video at the beginning, participants showed a peak in arousal. Obviously, this means participants showed a natural response of excitement and anticipation of the performer undressing.

Arousal and excitement increased in a 3D environment due to the ability for the participant to look around freely. This closer interaction in a virtual reality environment only intensifies emotional experiences, therefore producing a higher sense of appeal and engagement.

Participants were engaged more while watching the performer pleasure herself. Empathy and excitement levels increased in participants when the performer climaxes and screams.

Arousal and motivation were spiked when participants could make eye contact with the performer via the 3D environment.

Generally speaking, oral sex yielded the most neutral response and participants reacted negatively to choking sounds during oral sex.

Participants showed a hint of arousal in the VR environment whenever the performer touched her hair during the oral sex versus the 2D video.

The most intense moment and when participants would reach the highest peak of excitement and arousal is the first moment of penetration.

Participants experiencing virtual reality for the first time during this study showed a higher cognitive load (brain activity) while others who have already encountered VR environments had lower brain activity.

Arousal steadily increased during the video as performers work their way to the final orgasm. The most enjoyable and intense moment of the video is ejaculation.


The Conclusion

While the study’s key findings are very interesting, it also shows us that not everyone will have the same response or reaction to a video. However, it’s pretty clear that virtual reality environments and experiences are worth exploring if you enjoy VR porn.

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