Pornhub Awards Show to bring Virtual Reality to the Masses

August 21, 2018  /   Posted in Company News, Tech

Combining live VR streaming and a massively multiuser VR virtual world will deliver two breakthroughs for the premier of the Pornhub Awards Show on September 6, 2018


In the latest example of the power of porn to launch new technologies, adult megasite Pornhub’s first-ever awards show will be the world’s most technologically advanced and globally accessible show. Pornhub is throwing the entire weight of their network behind a show that is set to ignite the virtual reality revolution.


While VR has had a tough time gaining traction with consumers, this muscular push by Pornhub to further expand its role as the world leader in content delivery may finally change all that.  The streaming clip giant will be dedicating its front page to a multi-hour awards show that will encourage users to interact with the world’s top porn stars in virtual reality.


Not only will viewers be able to watch the show in real time from their choice of four different 360-degree positions (including one backstage location, creating a virtual back-stage pass), but anyone with a computer powered headset such as the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, will be able to actually attend the show in a massively multiuser social VR replica.


“This is the first ever event where hundreds of thousands of VR users can come together and interact with each other and with the porn stars in such a futuristic way,” said Brian Shuster, executive producer of the Pornhub Awards Show.  “The platform,, is the product of more than 15 years of development and more than $50 million of investment.  It is a system designed to usher in a new era of Virtual Reality, and this awards show is how we have chosen to launch this platform to the public.”


The Red Carpet VR broadcast starts at 5:00pm PST and the Pornhub Awards Show will begin at 7:30pm PST on September 6 with around 500 of the world’s top porn stars in attendance in Los Angeles.  The event will showcase multiple technological breakthroughs by broadcasting four simultaneous live 360-degree streams of the show, where until now, broadcasting even a single live 360-degree stream has proven virtually impossible.  To accomplish this feat, the show has engaged the world’s premier VR studio, HoloFilm Productions.


“With more than 30 patents on technologies that we’ve developed for virtual reality, we are confident in our ability to deliver this ground-breaking video component to the tens of millions of viewers that are expected to watch the show,” said Anna Lee, President of HoloFilm Productions, LLC.


The hosting of a computer generated replica of the Belasco Theater that is capable of holding thousands of simultaneous VR avatars from around the world is an entirely different challenge.  The Pornhub awards show has solved this problem by turning to Utherverse Digital, Inc., a world leading VR software development company. Utherverse built a platform for the event at, which opened to the public earlier this month.


“The experience for VR users within the Oasis will be like something straight out of science fiction,” continued Shuster.  “It will look and feel like players are actually at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles, mingling with each other and with the award winning porn stars.  This will finally deliver what virtual reality has been promising for so many years.”

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Virtual Reality Porn & Neuroscience

July 16, 2018  /   Posted in Science, Tech

Ever been curious as to how virtual reality porn is received by your brain? How it may affect your brain? BaDoinkVR actually joined Neurons Inc recently to conduct a pilot study to determine just that. The study evaluated how the brain responds psychologically but also biologically to that of VR porn videos. The information obtained from this study will be used by BaDoinkVR to further push the limits of virtual reality porn, building an entire new foundation for future generations.


The Study

A group of participants were instructed to watch the exact same adult video but in two different formats; 3D and 2D. An EEG system was used during this exercise to measure brain activity of the participants. It measured the level of mental processing (cognitive load), level of interest (motivation), and level of excitement (arousal).

The results of the findings for each experience, 2D and 3D, were then able to be compared by the neuroscientists at Neurons Inc. This helped them gain significant insight into how people engage, respond and interact with VR environments. Furthermore, and interestingly, the study also showed that participants had key moments where the video they were watching elicited strong responses emotionally, both in a good and bad way, subjectively speaking.


The Key Findings of the Study

Participants displayed a drastically higher level of mental processing while watching 3D porn videos as compared to 2D porn videos.

Just before the performer undresses in the video at the beginning, participants showed a peak in arousal. Obviously, this means participants showed a natural response of excitement and anticipation of the performer undressing.

Arousal and excitement increased in a 3D environment due to the ability for the participant to look around freely. This closer interaction in a virtual reality environment only intensifies emotional experiences, therefore producing a higher sense of appeal and engagement.

Participants were engaged more while watching the performer pleasure herself. Empathy and excitement levels increased in participants when the performer climaxes and screams.

Arousal and motivation were spiked when participants could make eye contact with the performer via the 3D environment.

Generally speaking, oral sex yielded the most neutral response and participants reacted negatively to choking sounds during oral sex.

Participants showed a hint of arousal in the VR environment whenever the performer touched her hair during the oral sex versus the 2D video.

The most intense moment and when participants would reach the highest peak of excitement and arousal is the first moment of penetration.

Participants experiencing virtual reality for the first time during this study showed a higher cognitive load (brain activity) while others who have already encountered VR environments had lower brain activity.

Arousal steadily increased during the video as performers work their way to the final orgasm. The most enjoyable and intense moment of the video is ejaculation.


The Conclusion

While the study’s key findings are very interesting, it also shows us that not everyone will have the same response or reaction to a video. However, it’s pretty clear that virtual reality environments and experiences are worth exploring if you enjoy VR porn.

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May 16, 2018  /   Posted in Company News, Demo, Science, Tech, Video in collaboration with BaDoinkVR has released an augmented reality demo featuring a real 3D person, not a computer-generated likeness, something that has not been done before.

The continued pursuit of integrating augmented reality into daily life has just taken another large step forward. Augmented reality pioneers, have teamed up with virtual reality porn studio BaDoinkVR to create an AR demo clip featuring porn star Susy Gala that showcases some of the capabilities of the technology to date.

Augmented reality (AR) uses technology to overlay visuals, sounds, haptic sensations, and even smells on the real world around the viewer, providing an enhanced or “augmented” experience. Up until now, AR has been used for tasks such as layering 3D computer generated graphics over reality, or simpler tasks such as displaying text notifications into our peripheral vision.

Augmented reality promises to offer amazing breakthroughs in many industries, and none more so than the pornography industry, which is ready to use the technology and deliver immersive experiences that are straight out of a science fiction movie.

AR glasses such as the Microsoft Hololens, or Smart devices like phones and tablets can be used to view most current augmented reality creations. In the case of Smart devices (phones or tablets), anything that has a forward-facing camera can be used, including mobile VR headsets like Google Cardboard or Samsung GearVR so long as the front cover can be removed to expose the camera.

The AR demo works through use of ARjs and WebGL Polyfill stereo rendering. The image from the Smartphones camera is fed through and used as the scene background in mono. The AR marker (printout) is used to track and determine Susy Gala’s location within the background image. A stereo left-right video file is rendered onto the marker and Chrome Key removes the green screen from the video. The result is a 3D object contained in a 2D scene. Viewers can then move around and view Susy Gala dancing from multiple viewpoints. The current AR demo video is 3D but is being rendered into a flat video file and therefore lacks depth. is currently working on an additional demo clip using volumetric video to create depth. The new demo clip will also not require a placemat, instead using any flat surface as the AR tracking marker.

AR technology was featured in the immensely popular Smartphone game Pokémon: Go, which overlaid computer-generated visuals onto reality with great success. This latest AR demo release from features a real person, recorded against a green screen and adapted into augmented reality. Using’s technology and BaDoinkVR’s footage, viewers can now have porn star Susy Gala dancing and teasing in their living room, bedroom, on the coffee table, or anywhere else the viewer chooses. Featuring the image of a real person, and not something computer generated is new, and a big step towards blending the real and the virtual.

The best example to get an idea of this technology’s potential is the AI augmented reality girlfriend named JOI featured in the movie Blade Runner 2049. Of course, Susy Gala dancing in AR is a far cry from a full-fledged AR girlfriend, but the demo hints at the immense potential of augmented reality.

Susy Gala ar stripper

AR technology’s influence will span almost every industry, from health care to automotive and architecture, but the only industry cares about is adult entertainment.

Scott Camball of says, “We see augmented reality as a real game changer for the adult entertainment industry. I’m not just talking about typical pornography either, but AR stripteases, or AR cam shows, as well. They bring the image of real performers into viewers’ homes for the ultimate in interactivity. That will pave the way for AI hologram relationships. We are all very excited!”

When asked about augmented reality’s influence on VR porn, Scott said that he feels that there will be room for both technologies, with a large amount of overlap taking place. “The way we see it is that the two technologies will blend together, depending on the use or medium. This means that, in the near future, there will not be AR or VR specific headsets/glasses widely available. Instead, the units will be able to support both technologies.”

The field or augmented reality technology is beginning to rapidly gain momentum. Thanks to dedicated industry pioneers like and innovative adult entertainment companies like BaDoinkVR, it’s only a matter of time before AR adult entertainment achieves levels of realism and immersion only thought possible in science fiction literature or movies.

Click here to try it for yourself.

About is an augmented reality pornography news site with an interest in developing uses and applications for augmented reality within the adult entertainment industry. The site is dedicated to providing a place to stay up-to-date with industry news, product releases, expert opinions, and upcoming software releases. is even developing its own uses for the technology and pushing the industry forwards. is the best place for augmented reality news and industry developments.

About BaDoinkVR:
BaDoinkVR is an adult entertainment studio focusing on the creation of immersive VR and AR pornography. Winner of the AVN Award for “2018 Adult Site of the Year: Virtual Reality”, the studio offers one of the largest VR porn video libraries and some of the highest quality scenes available. The studio is also always looking to the future, experimenting and incorporating the newest developments in this exciting industry.

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3D Hologroup, Inc. has released the first Augmented Reality Porn for Hololens and Meta2

March 12, 2018  /   Posted in Company News, New Games, Tech, Uncategorized

3D Hologroup, Inc. has released the first adult-oriented Augmented Reality content for Microsoft’s Hololens and Meta Vision’s Meta2 with its opening of Beta testers wanted!

Blurring the line between the real world and a computer-generated reality has taken giant strides in the last few years. The emergence of virtual reality technology has created immersive virtual environments for users to explore and get lost in. Now augmented reality is ready to do the same. While virtual reality takes users into a computer-generated world, augmented reality is more about bringing the computer world onto the real.

Augmented reality (AR) overlays visuals, sounds, smells and haptic sensations on the real world to offer an enhanced experience. It can be as simple as displaying text notifications in our peripheral vision to layering full blown 3D overlays onto the world around us. AR glasses, such as Microsoft’s Hololens and Meta Vision’s Meta2 are on the forefront of peripherals market. Augmented reality can also be viewed using most Smart devices that incorporate a camera.

In terms of adoption, it’s industries such as manufacturing, health care and entertainment that are leading the way and embracing the technology. In terms of entertainment, the video game and adult content markets are the most developed thus far. Of the latter, augmented reality porn (AR porn), is getting set to take off in a big way. Like virtual reality porn before it, AR porn is about bringing adult content to viewers in as real a way as possible.

Welcome to the future of adult entertainment! 3D Hologroup, Inc. has opened the doors to with three beautiful girls available for both Microsoft’s Hololens and Meta Vision’s Meta2 devices. Magic Leap’s device will be supported once it is released this year. A new girl will be added about once a week and website & device software enhancements are constantly being developed and released. 3D Hologroup is currently looking for Beta testers to try out our new software! Your feedback will play an essential role in providing us with direction as we begin building out features.

augmented reality porn

The software is the first of its kind in the AR porn space and shows promise of being the leader in this new niche of the industry. With the Augmented Reality devices the user is able to bring their 3D Hologirlfriends into their bedroom for very realistic experiences and interactions. The company has long-term plans to build AI into the software so that the girls are even more interactive in both sexual and non-sexual ways.

3D Hologroup Inc. and their software aim to take advantage of being early pioneers in the field of augmented reality porn (AR porn). The software developers have reached out to augmented reality news site,, to promote their newest release.

Scott of is excited at the prospects, “VR porn has already opened a lot of doors in terms of bringing immersive porn experiences to viewers. It’s been a great way to enjoy enhanced adult experiences, and I expect AR porn will follow in its footsteps, and will eventually surpass VR in the adult entertainment market. Augmented reality gives the adult entertainment industry a way to create many more different and creative interactive experiences. It’s an exciting time for augmented reality and the adult entertainment industry alike. That’s why we are the premiere informational source, dedicated to covering all the news and developments in the augmented reality industry. If it’s about augmented reality adult entertainment, you can get the news here from us.”

Augmented reality technology is quickly gathering momentum, thanks to pioneers like 3D Hologroup Inc. and the major upcoming viewing device releases that are set to cause a market explosion. As the industry grows, it is also important to have a dedicated news source for all this AR adult action, and provides that.

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VR Porn Video vs. VR Video Games: State of the Industry

December 15, 2017  /   Posted in Games, Tech, Video

Virtual reality has been available to the mainstream market for some time now and it’s been long enough for us VR nerds to speculate on the future of this technology. How will it progress? Will it stagnate and be taken over by something else like augmented reality? We don’t have the crystal ball, but so far, the VR industry is being driven by video games and porn, with the latter being the area that has the most potential for growth.
Looking specifically at the pornography aspect of virtual reality, there are two main categories emerging; VR porn video and VR porn games. Each is a driving force for innovation within the VR porn industry but up until now, video VR porn is dominating.

It should not be surprising that video VR porn is far bigger than VR porn video games. The visuals are on-point, the action is hot and viewers are used to this type of pornography. However, if we look at what’s currently happening in VR porn, the technology seems to be in a state of transition. VR porn video looks great but isn’t interactive, so viewers are asking for games or apps that can take the technology to it’s full potential. That of course means erotic and interactive VR porn video games. It’s all about moving forward, and the biggest area for diversification is through VR porn apps and games. The problem right now is that these games look like something out of the year 2001, with the graphics not up to par with what viewers want and expect. The idea is solid but the execution needs some work. This begs the question of “Is there a future for VR porn video games?”

There is no real direct answer to that question. In the past, porn video games have never really been able to establish themselves or progress due to a lack of interest and funding. The lack of interest could be boiled down to crappy in-game visuals, especially compared to actual video porn. 2D porn video games also lacked interactivity so their viewership was inherently small. This low demand and X-rated subject matter never made them attractive for funding. The other issue with procuring funding has always been that the marketplace refuses to have anything to do with porn in general.


Screen shots from the video game Tomb Raider 1996 – 2017

This might all be changing though, and rapidly. There is a huge boom for adult content and adult video games, especially in the virtual reality sector. Videos and games alike are immersive, and interactivity is growing. VR porn is great, both in terms of video and games. Viewers (and our culture as a whole) are becoming less conservative, meaning acceptance of pornography is becoming more main stream. This goes for both VR porn video games and VR porn videos alike. While 3D video has been adopted by the porn industry, the 3D porn game side has been slower to garner industry support. That’s all changing though, as the VR porn industry continues to gain momentum. Websites like Patreon already enable investment from independent sources (viewers & fans) that is helping producers come out with a wide variety of VR porn games. As funding increases, so will the realism of virtual reality porn video games.

Virtual reality is essentially still in it’s pioneering days and producers have been jumping in head first. 3D video aside, it’s a no-brainer that VR porn video games have huge potential. It’s no secret that demand for virtual sex is rising, corresponding with the growth of teledildonics and interactive VR porn apps.

Who hasn’t had a sexual fantasy involving a fictional character? It’s an extremely appealing notion to be able to interact and have sex with someone like D.Va from Overwatch. People love real life porn stars, but anime, hentai and the like, are already very popular. If the technology can create the experience correctly – VR porn video games could be huge. At this time, VR porn video games such as Virt-a-mate or VirtuallyNaked can provide you with an interactive experience, but they lack the realism required for market success. The AI is getting better, facial movements and things like moaning are fairly on-point but the visual technology isn’t there yet. It seems the focus has been more on interactivity than it has been on graphics, so for now, it’s VR porn video that leads the way. However, it’s probably a safe bet that once the graphical aspect catches up, these VR porn games will stake their own claim in the rich landscape of VR. Realistic visuals, combined with A.I. interactivity and functional teledildonics will bring virtual sex to life.

VR porn video games aren’t going to supplant VR porn video, they are inherently two different things, but once the realism aspect gets sorted out, VR porn games are going to take off as well. The future of VR sex is quickly becoming a reality.

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Could CGI VR Porn Really Get Any Better?

June 27, 2017  /   Posted in Company News, New Games, Tech

If you consider IKinema’s motion capture system then yes, CGI VR porn really could become better than ever before. As it exists, in the VR world the companies creating these complete 3D adult games or apps must animate the character either by hand or by using expensive devices. Obviously, the majority choose talented creators over expensive motion capture devices. IKinema could be the solution many companies have been waiting for. They currently have a motion capture system that also uses the HTC Vive technology is affordable, unlike the existing motion capture devices. If producers of adult apps decide to use IKinema’s system it could change the way we see VR.

It’s All about Animation

Viewers who prefer animated videos want the best quality possible so as to have the most realistic experience possible. Existing apps currently offering interactive VR porn could utilize this system and technology to create videos with more realistic CGI character animation. Viewers don’t want to watch robotic-like characters; VR technology is advancing beyond this. If you’re still into that sort of thing you might enjoy TV on the Radio’s ‘Robots Fucking’ video.

Cost-Effective Solution

Aside from being an affordable option for companies, IKinema’s system is also easy to use and setup. It also relies on the latest and tested technology to deliver superior results. How does their system differ from other motion capture devices? They use a higher amount of software prediction with a smaller number of tracking points. While this may also mean that IKenma will have to be responsible for the development of the system, they’re satisfied knowing it will require less user input which equals happy consumers.

IKinema’s system currently utilizes HTC Vive sensors in order to track people and objects. The name for this system is called reverse kinematics. Software algorithms actually predict the movements of key tracking points while the sensors record.

First Controllers – Now Trackers

In the early development stages of IKinema’s system they were using HTC controllers as the trackers. Now that HTC Trackers are available, small devices made of plastic that easily attach to objects or people, IKinema has updated their process. The trackers are proving to be more beneficial in many ways including ease of use and the results they deliver.

Cost of IKinema’s Motion Capture Technology

If you are a producer of VR porn currently making your own custom 3D animation characters you might want to consider this cost-effective solution. Overall you can expect to spend $500 a year on IKinema’s package which is actually pretty cheap when you break it down and compare it to the costs of other motion capture packages.

In addition to the package the cost for PC hardware components will need to be considered as well but it’s not too high in cost either. If you currently do any VR gaming or are a hardcore VR video viewer you likely have everything you need to use IKinema’s system. This includes:

  • Virtual Reality-Ready PC ($1,500)
  • An HTC Vive ($700 on sale)
  • A minimum of 3 HTC Trackers ($300 total)
  • License ($500)
  • Grand Total = $3,000

Use The Best Motion Capture System by IKinema

Whether you currently make adult 3D VR games or apps you will benefit from using this animation solution. Animation isn’t easy and when it comes to creating a realistic porn animation the pressure is really on.  Using IKinema’s system you can attach HTC trackers to your adult stars and let them do their job while the sensors record every move they make. These movements are than applied to 3D models and touched up to deliver a high quality 3D porn animation experience for the viewer.

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BadoinkVR Introduces Revolutionary Hands-Free Theatre Mode

June 07, 2017  /   Posted in Company News, Tech, Video

If science fiction movies have taught us anything, it’s that a human-to-computer interface is inevitably going to require users to don a “powerglove” style device to engage hologram icons inside the virtual space. Remember Minority Report, from 2002? That movie is a great example of our interfacing future. Waving your hands about as you pinch thin air to manipulate a virtual screen seems kind of ridiculous, especially if you’re not alone while you do it. Just because you’re wearing a VR headset doesn’t mean you need to look like a fool to the world around you. Well, the days of playing “air conductor” have just been avoided, as BadoinkVR have released a Hands-Free Theatre Mode that allows users to navigate in a virtual space without using their hands. Innovation at it’s finest and it’s most useful.
Look Mum – No Hands!
One of the most irritating aspects of using mobile VR is that anytime a setting needs to be adjusted – the VR headgear needs to come off, the mobile device removed, manipulated, and then put back on. Even the use of a Bluetooth remote can’t keep users free of this annoyance, as operating the remote without looking at it can be a real challenge. It’s also just another item to end up lost or misplaced when you need it. A remote, no matter how small or intelligently designed is still different from not needing one at all.

BaDoinkVR To Save The Day
BaDoinkVR has come up with the ingenious Hands-Free Theatre Mode that allows users to engage their eyes to navigate the virtual space – giving users hands the freedom to do other, more important stuff like eating snack foods or drinking soda. VR Theatre Mode engages as soon as a user enters BaDoinkVR on a mobile device. A small pink box will prompt a switch to the new and improved HUD. Total interface control is achieved simply by use of the eyes and head. No more annoyance of having to remove the mobile device from the headset to enjoy virtual reality.
The Future Today
BaDoinkVR has designed an updated menu structure, which is intuitive and simple to operate by eye and head movements alone. Users will find a floating cursor on screen that can be used to control all menu items, including browsing the extensive video archive, playing or pausing videos and adjusting volume. This hands-free design eliminates the need for your hands to control the hardware. It’s incredibly easy to use. Hands-free Theater Mode begins to work right away without the need for downloading or installation. The Theatre Mode interface is just finishing it’s testing run in Beta mode, as the last glitches get taken care of. Next time you visit BaDoinkVR – just login and begin streaming. It’s that easy!

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3D Porn For the PSVR

April 23, 2017  /   Posted in Company News, Tech, Video

Virtual reality technology has been introduced and will most likely soon be mainstream. Sony is doing their best to incorporate this technology into their PlayStation consoles for their users. Watching 3D, 180, and 360° content on your Playstation console will now be a possibility thanks to the developer of the LittlStar PlayStation VR app.

When thinking of Sony’s PlayStation consoles, most people probably think of video games or Netflix, Hulu, etc., not adult entertainment. But all of that may change in the near future now that a virtual reality headset has been introduced to the game for PlayStation. The PlayStation virtual reality headset is an easy method for watching adult content such as that featured on websites like So now along with viewing movies, TV Shows, and playing games, PlayStation console owners can now enjoy some of the best adult entertainment if they so choose.

Playstation VR Moving On Up

When the headset first came out it could only be used for viewing 2D 360° content and only with the default Sony application. Adult content such as VRCosplayX was not viewable with the PlayStation virtual reality headset and console because of that. Users did not have access to the best virtual reality porn on the PlayStation console until recently.

LittlStar 1.07

When LittlStar version 1.07 was released everything changed. The app can be found on the PlayStations App Store. 3D 360° video for PSVR is highly sought out by those already caught up in virtual reality porn. LittlStar has announced all of the new features as well as discussed how they work with fans on Reddit. The app required special permissions in order to access the USB port.

Virtual reality porn will now be available on PlayStation consoles. All the user has to do is use a flash drive to download the virtual reality content they want to view and then plug it into their PlayStation. USB support is a great feature because streaming videos tends to not work well.

Limited bandwidth can really reduce the quality of the viewing experience. Having the content on a flash drive gets rid of any issues that come with streaming. With LittlStar’s app it is possible to view good quality 3D 360° adult content using an affordable virtual reality headset. It is just a matter of time before other companies get on board with this new trend and begin to incorporate virtual reality technology into their products as well.

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Enhance VR Porn Intimacy with the Mannequin Head Camera

March 22, 2017  /   Posted in Tech

While upon first glance this mannequin head camera screams anything but intimacy some people might actually find it to be successful. VR Bangers, a VR porn production company has revealed their POV Head Rig, a mannequin head whose eyes are cameras. The Rig is designed to offer VR porn users a more emotional and ‘intimate’ experience.

It’s definitely an interesting concept but upon first glance most people may be a bit horrified at first. There are cameras as the eyes but also on the top and back of the head as well. So how does it offer a more intimate experience for the user? The porn star will do their thing while cradling the mannequin head and can whisper into the ears which have microphones.

CTO Boris Smirnoff says they had to showcase the product at AVN Adult Entertainment Expo as the CES found the mannequin head to be a bit too ‘weird’ for their event.  Smirnoff claims that their goal is to help their models make the most of their play space in order to provide better quality content for users.  The head was created to increase the emotional and intimacy level for the user.

There is more ‘awkwardness’ to overcome and manage when it comes to VR porn stars as compared to regular 2D porn actors. Holding a head would be much easier for an actor rather than having to use a 360 degree rig.

There are many ways to look at VR porn which could be good or bad. However, it’s safe to say that it’s not going away and is already making new territory for virtual technology.

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The Odors of Sex – Now Available for VR Porn Enthusiasts

March 14, 2017  /   Posted in Company News, Tech, Toys

Last year Ubisoft developed Nosulus Rift, a device that simulated the smell of farts for South Park: The Fractured But Whole and while it was never meant to be available to the public, the device definitely worked. Now people have the opportunity to use a device that allows them to smell whatever they prefer during their sexual VR encounter.
vr porn smell

OhRoma, a mask that allows room for your VR goggles offers users a way to incorporate scents of their choice while partaking in their sexual escapades. This device is meant to enhance the user’s experience and works with your smartphone.

For example, Victoria Ryan, a star of CamSoda stated that she wanted users to be able to smell her and because she does a lot of shows relating to the pool and beach, she wanted the smell to center around sunscreen, tanning oil, salt water and even a little bit of a chlorine smell. Of course, she could easily decide to incorporate a different smell as time goes on or as she pleases.

Certain scents are considered sensual and work great for encouraging sexual arousal. A smell researcher, Dr. Alan Hirsch, said that most men get aroused by a pumpkin/lavender scent. Of course, certain scents can also enhance empathy; camphor, menthol and eucalyptus. It really depends on the user’s experience as to what scent they might prefer to use during their VR escapade.

The device is available for $70 and the scents for as low as $6 each. A combo pack is also available where you can purchase the device as well as the complete set of 30 scents for $99.

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