3D Hologroup, Inc. has released the first Augmented Reality Porn for Hololens and Meta2

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3D Hologroup, Inc. has released the first adult-oriented Augmented Reality content for Microsoft’s Hololens and Meta Vision’s Meta2 with its opening of 3dhologirlfriend.com. Beta testers wanted!

Blurring the line between the real world and a computer-generated reality has taken giant strides in the last few years. The emergence of virtual reality technology has created immersive virtual environments for users to explore and get lost in. Now augmented reality is ready to do the same. While virtual reality takes users into a computer-generated world, augmented reality is more about bringing the computer world onto the real.

Augmented reality (AR) overlays visuals, sounds, smells and haptic sensations on the real world to offer an enhanced experience. It can be as simple as displaying text notifications in our peripheral vision to layering full blown 3D overlays onto the world around us. AR glasses, such as Microsoft’s Hololens and Meta Vision’s Meta2 are on the forefront of peripherals market. Augmented reality can also be viewed using most Smart devices that incorporate a camera.

In terms of adoption, it’s industries such as manufacturing, health care and entertainment that are leading the way and embracing the technology. In terms of entertainment, the video game and adult content markets are the most developed thus far. Of the latter, augmented reality porn (AR porn), is getting set to take off in a big way. Like virtual reality porn before it, AR porn is about bringing adult content to viewers in as real a way as possible.

Welcome to the future of adult entertainment! 3D Hologroup, Inc. has opened the doors to www.3dhologirlfriend.com with three beautiful girls available for both Microsoft’s Hololens and Meta Vision’s Meta2 devices. Magic Leap’s device will be supported once it is released this year. A new girl will be added about once a week and website & device software enhancements are constantly being developed and released. 3D Hologroup is currently looking for Beta testers to try out our new software! Your feedback will play an essential role in providing us with direction as we begin building out features.

augmented reality porn

The software is the first of its kind in the AR porn space and shows promise of being the leader in this new niche of the industry. With the Augmented Reality devices the user is able to bring their 3D Hologirlfriends into their bedroom for very realistic experiences and interactions. The company has long-term plans to build AI into the software so that the girls are even more interactive in both sexual and non-sexual ways.

3D Hologroup Inc. and their software aim to take advantage of being early pioneers in the field of augmented reality porn (AR porn). The software developers have reached out to augmented reality news site, ARPorn.com, to promote their newest release.

Scott of ARPorn.com is excited at the prospects, “VR porn has already opened a lot of doors in terms of bringing immersive porn experiences to viewers. It’s been a great way to enjoy enhanced adult experiences, and I expect AR porn will follow in its footsteps, and will eventually surpass VR in the adult entertainment market. Augmented reality gives the adult entertainment industry a way to create many more different and creative interactive experiences. It’s an exciting time for augmented reality and the adult entertainment industry alike. That’s why we are the premiere informational source, dedicated to covering all the news and developments in the augmented reality industry. If it’s about augmented reality adult entertainment, you can get the news here from us.”

Augmented reality technology is quickly gathering momentum, thanks to pioneers like 3D Hologroup Inc. and the major upcoming viewing device releases that are set to cause a market explosion. As the industry grows, it is also important to have a dedicated news source for all this AR adult action, and ARPorn.com provides that.

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Can VR Porn Be More Addictive Than Drugs?

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In a survey of over 216,000 adolescents, results indicated that marijuana use is drastically falling. Along with this, the amount of pot-related difficulties is going down with it. It’s potential is only one of the many positive outcomes of legalization but perhaps children today have specific distractions to check their drug hunger. VR porn might be the perpetrator.


A shrewd prophet once stated “mo’ money, mo’ problems.” That phrase turns out to be rather interchangeable indicating the more one has of anything, the more issues it creates. An outlier to the hypothesis is medical cannabis. Opposers thought an increase in legal marijuana would lead to influx in drug use among teens and adults. They got half of that correct. Despite numerous countries legalizing and decriminalizing pot, use by youths is dropping at record rates while the variety of adults utilizing the drug has improved.


Scientists at Washington University studied data on drug use from adolescents aged 12 to 17 over a 12 year period. What they found was that the number of teenagers who had marijuana-related problems fell by 24% from 2002 to 2013. Over that same period, children have been discovered smoking less dope than their peers. The speed dropped by 10 percent. That’s one tenth of 100 percentage for all you numerically challenged. Fighting, offense, and drug offers are falling but it’s uncertain why. Possibly it’s increased drug education or simply the complete taboo of the reefer disappearing, but there’s another hypothesis: VR porn is disturbing US youth from medicines.


Way back, a fine bong rip certainly beat the heck from father’s VHS porn collection. There wasn’t all these cool tech to entertain ten youth in US, just some nice dope, and Led Zeppelin IV. Judging by children now, they probably find cannabis boring and who can really blame them? We’re within an age where the firmness of virtual tits can be customized. VR porn is new and way more arousing than watching Cheech and Chong for the 3rd time in a row. Drug use in adolescents is declining because they’ve just swapped out one habit for another. VR porn is what everyone else will be talking about in the locker room someday. Teenagers will sneak out of class to be a part of virtual orgy’s, maybe not get large. With dope legal now, it’s only another thing to purchase at the store. The future will be one full of virtual pornography. So far as the negative effect of that addiction, well, society will have to wait and see.

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The growing need for realism in VR Porn

April 28, 2016  /   Posted in Science, Uncategorized, Video

Conventional porn studios produce a lot of third-person cinema. With the advent of VR and companies like VR Smash creating demand for first person or multi-dimensional videos and viewer tracking, both studios and performers are poised to change their industry practices to cater to the growing appetite for immersive content.

The goal of VR Porn is tricking the mind into believing the action is as real as touch. The viewer is no longer a window shopper but immersed in the experience. It’s not enough to just create scenes that have viewers siting on the sidelines, actors have to make the scenes realistic while focusing their attention on cameras rather than directors which requires foresight and skill with acting.

hologirls vr photo

“The trend that seems to be emerging so far — and this can change next week — is the performers who are the strongest talkers and who have the ability to make a connection are doing the best,” Anna Lee, the president of the VR porn production company HoloFilm Productions, told International Business Times

With greater pressure on performers to produce realistic scenes and the marked quality difference between VR and conventional pirated movie sites trends show an increased market revenue and growth for the adult entertainment sector.

With increased demand and better quality productions the industry is poised to give consumers greater selection and create new industry standards that will push small operators to adopt VR technologies to stay in the game. To this end we can expect more content creation tools for the DIY studios expanding VR systems to other avenues of entertainment, business and consumer satisfaction.

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How Virtual Reality Pornography Boosts Confidence

March 04, 2015  /   Posted in Uncategorized

Many people suffer from low self-esteem and seek medical treatment for it. One treatment that is not thought of is virtual reality pornography. There are no drugs or hypnotherapy involved. You simply need an Oculus Rift, virtual reality pornography game, and a VStroker. The claims of Virtual Reality being beneficial to raise self-esteem levels are still being studied scientifically, but it is easy to see how it helps.


Concept Design

A group of psychologists and computer scientists from the University of Derby, University College London, and the University of Barcelona designed the concept of virtual reality therapy. Their therapy works to boost women’s self-confidence using the Oculus Rift. Their program will create a computer-generated image of the user and used with the therapy game, it helps with psychological troubles. This includes self-critiquing, but also reduces post-traumatic stress disorder. They have also seen subjects increase feelings of contentment. They had lots of success with it.


How It Works

With all of that said, it will still take more time to see if virtual reality pornography actually helps with self-confidence and self-esteem. In virtual reality pornography, you have the ability to see your dreams in an alternate reality. You will see beautiful women and men and be able to interact with them. This is great for people who battle with shyness, especially if it is not a choice to be an introvert. People who wish they could interact with others and talk to people of opposite gender will be given the ability to do that in virtual reality.



To see how virtual reality pornography works, it is best to look at an example. 3DXChat is one type of online virtual reality game for adult pleasure. You simply chat with other people’s avatars and you will become accustomed to conversing with others. Over time, you will start to see your fears of interacting with other people will also begin to dissipate. You will then be able to start interacting with people in real life and continue to feel comfortable.



One of the biggest embarrassments is being caught by a friend or loved one enjoying pornography. This can be even more so if the pornography is an adult virtual reality game. However, instead of feeling embarrassed, you can now tell them that you are performing self-therapy to overcome phobias and discomfort. Simply ask them to leave since therapy is a private matter and continue learning to overcome your fears. As you develop the ability to talk to others, you will be able to enjoy real life even more.

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Old People Watch VR Porn For The First Time

February 06, 2015  /   Posted in Uncategorized, Video

We’ve have now seen young people’s reactions to Samsung VR headset Porn. But what exactly would your own grandma or grandpa think if they watched it? These videographers from Complex tried it to see how old people to react to VR porn.

This movie has it all: The grubby old man, the woman who’s seen it all before, the horny grand daddy, the woman who’s apparently by no means seen some thing like this before, and the most popular, the all-knowing amateur sex psychologist.

Just never think about your parents/grandparents enjoying porn. Just look at this to understand:

old man vr porn

Watch the uncensored videos at Virtual Real Porn.

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Red Dwarf Author Thinks Oculus Rift Porn Will Be Huge

October 22, 2014  /   Posted in Uncategorized

Rob Grant, a sci-fi writer, author of the Red Dwarf series, is known to predict tech trends throughout the series including interactive watches and AR simulation machines.

Grant believes that while it’s interesting to know that Oculus VR is looking to make Brett Riverboat (knife man) a reality, something even greater than gaming will be what pioneers this new ‘reality’ platform and that is Porn.

Grant says, “Once they get the haptics right, you will be able to have virtual sex. It’s going to create lots of strange sorts of moral problems because you can literally have sex with anyone or anything. Oculus is making really great strides, it can change the world completely. The breakthrough will come when someone devises a program that replicates itself and can create a universe once you set it off. Then the algorithms will create places for you to go and people for you to interact with without having it all having to be pre-programmed. That will be the kind of game that launches the technology into another generation – well, either a great game like that, or porn.”

The success of any platform often rests on the sex industry, including VHS and Blu-Ray discs even, so it’s not hard to see Grant’s perspective on the matter. However, Oculus doesn’t necessarily have this as a priority while in the funding stages.

The interview is actually pretty amazing and one that tech-lovers don’t want to miss. Grant also discusses the Google Glass that has been invading the world of techies everywhere.

“We’re all going to be wearing Glass in 20 years – we absolutely are, whatever people say. I think it will mature a bit more and be a really interesting technology. It’s fascinating tech.

“The sad thing, of course, is the demise of the pub bore – the guy that used to come up with these bullshit facts. Now we just check it out on your smartphone and, soon, without having to lift a finger. It’s great.”

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Developer Creates Virtual Breast Squeezing Simulator

September 25, 2014  /   Posted in Games, Uncategorized

Many ideas are often formed that shouldn’t always be made reality. This is even more true for those ideas that revolve around virtual reality. However, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift are gadgets that we’ll be hearing more about in the near future and will likely bring promising improvements for technology. We did come across something that would seem to fit better in someone’s basement than sitting on the shelf at your local techie store.

Creepy or Intriguing?

What we discovered is a virtual reality game that permits the user to squeeze the breasts of a woman. One would naturally delight in the typical response of squeezing a woman’s breasts, however in this game the woman disgustingly squeals and covers herself up. You read correctly; the inventor of the game actually chose to make it more like virtual abuse. Are you still intrigued or more creeped out?

How Does it Work?

In order to use the game, a player must put on an Oculus Rift (virtual headset) and then they will enter a virtual world with many anime characters. In addition to the headset, a user will have a novelty mouse pad that features foam breasts designed to acknowledge pressure. This mouse pad is connected to the character in the virtual world and is how the character reacts accordingly.

Is There a Demand?

You can see a video of the virtual creation by NicoNico Douga, user Ryuto. We noticed that the design is pretty simple and we aren’t sure if this is something people would be in the market for but one exists now for those curious or willing to try it.

We’re still curious as to why you would make the woman dislike her experience rather than enjoy it, considering you could make the program do anything. We may never have the answer for that unsettling question.

If you haven’t done any research or regularly stay up to date on the virtual reality tech world, there are more developers looking to add their own wares to virtual experiences. Such as artificial vaginas connected to robotic arms; the possibilities are somewhat endless.

Think that’s surprising? Here’s something to ponder; a US company currently sells an iPad attachment that can be used to, well, have sex with your iPad.

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Do you know someone that is addicted to Virtual Reality Porn?

September 07, 2014  /   Posted in Science, Uncategorized

Do you happen to know someone that is so addicted to Virtual Reality smut that they don’t seem to ‘get out’ much anymore? Maybe their addiction is causing you to suffer? Or maybe you are the one who is addicted?

Why all the silly questions? They may seem silly now, but you’ll likely understand how they could be actual questions you hear once adult VR has had a few years to really show us what it can do. It’s still a little too early to tell right now, but it definitely holds the potential for creating ‘addicts’ further down the road. Just what will happen? We won’t know until the time comes but we do know that traditional porn addicts have lost their jobs, families, and so much more over their addiction.

Imagine a world where real human interaction becomes almost obsolete and only the virtual reality world exists and excites people; that could definitely happen!

virtual reality addict

As of right now, we don’t need to worry about this just yet. VR is too fresh and new to cause such conditions. Right now, it’s clean and fun, arousing and exciting, but without the added ‘extras’ that typical relationships bring; arguments, problems, etc. Not to mention you won’t have to worry about being denied anal when you want it….

Obviously, this is all said in jest. There is no way we could actually replace our real lives and wives with those of virtual persuasion. However, it will definitely make one think. Do you think people will accept VR reality without the need for actually cutting ties with human interaction?

While it sounds appealing in theory; no listening to moaning or bitching, having someone do exactly what you want, who’s to say it would be appealing if it were to happen. And even if it could, VR has a long way to go before that’s a possibility.  The real question is simply how powerful do you think VR will become?

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