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Sexy Space Adventure

Upon hearing about the Oculus Rift and the affordable yet compelling VR experience if offers to us gamers I set out to create something unique for the revolutionary hardware. But what? And then it hit me... How about a game where you explore the depths of space as a Zapp Brannigan/Captain Kirk type character scoring your way through the universe's females. Awesome right?

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Well then get ready to temper your expectations because this is just a demo after all… it only paints broad strokes of something truly incredible to come. That said please enjoy Captain Starloin’s Sexy Space Adventure.



1. Install the download.

2. Run Sexy Space Adventure from the Windows start menu (or run udk.exe located in /installdir/Binaries/Win32)

3. The demo should autodetect your Oculus Rift. If you dont have a Rift you can still play the game but you have to turn off the stereo vision. To do this run the game press ~ (the tilde key) to open the console. Then type in:

stereo off

hmdwarp off

You should only have to do this one time. Note: when not using a Rift the mouse looks around but also works the actor’s motions so you have to press the Shift key to toggle between the two modes.