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Club Vixxxen

Dare you visit the hotel and are there more secrets that have not come to the surface?

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In a small town in Sweden called Kumla there is a luxury hotel that has its secrets . The hotel is run by a notorious mafia that operates a number of illegal activities. Secretly in the hotel premises there is a exclusive strip club a 3D cinema a swimming pool and a casino. If you want you can try your luck and reach incredible success or the opposite.

Play the game online with friends and achieve success you’ve always wanted with women men and money but you have to dare to put everything on the line. Do you have what it takes to enter Club VixXxen?

– Unreal Engine 4.10.1
– New model of LATE Beta dancers. Non-animated but rigged with Unreal 4 skeletons
– To pause the movie use the key P
– To remove the pause / start playing use the Enter key
– Restart the movie use the key R
– Lights turn off automatically a few seconds after the movie starts.
– You can also turn off and on the lights with the key L.
– New Adult Movie The sound and playback should work now – Much thanks to

– Press TAB to enter) In Game changing of Important settings to the Rift Screen Percentage and Distortion Scale
– Head Rotation Blend Spaces controlled by the HMD rotation
– Semi-modular character so you can’t see the inside of the head in game.
– Rift optimised global post processing
– Character rotation based from head look and positional tracking body IK
– VR Comfort Mode (for more info visit CloudHeadGames
– Decoupled View as well as ‘Tank Style’ looking when not moving
A context menu for changing locomotion HMD settings and scalability settings