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Custom Maid 3D

A quite popular game from KISS featuring your own maid in a host club. You start off with a selection of 5 locations each one of the locations will have different positions and actions available for you to experiment with.

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The variations of locations is picked nicely and the lack in number makes up in creativity. The picks available are your standard bedroom the bath host club (for public stuff) pool (which is kind of a mix between the bath and the host club) and finally a BDSM room.


Graphics: The style is done in a cell shaded anime style however it seems to be lacking a bit even with the graphics high up the game doesn’t look very impressive. It’s pretty but it isnt impressive. (Some screenshots may look a little bit choppy but that’s cos i dropped the game graphics to 800×600 to take screenshots that wont need resizing after.)

Music: The little music there is in this game is good quality nothing much to note here really.

Sound: Voice acting is really well done the differences between the available personalities are pretty obvious and reflect both in conversations and in H scenes.

Controls: The control scheme pretty much ends with select different options from a menu. The camera controls could be better but they work once you get the hang of them.

Body: The character creation is all you would expect a game like this to offer the body adjustments are nice allowing you to alter not only the height and breast size but also physical features like shoulders arms hip width waist butt and ect.

The hair selection is pretty impressive allowing you to flexibly adjust various parts of the hair front end side bangs antennae and such. The color is fully flexible and customizable in a standard RGB pallet style.

The face features are a bit of a let down you can only adjust the eye color and two types of eyebrow shapes. Oh and you also have a bizarrely big selection of moles dunno why such a wide selection there moles aren’t even common in anime style.


Once that is done you will move to the selection of the positions the game really shines here as you really have an extensive selection from all your standard sex poses (Both vaginal and anal) to toys with you pleasuring her or pleasuring her self BJ’s paizuri69 threesomes and some weird stuff for the bdsm room.