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I'm a hobby animator that creates CGI NSFW videos for Virtual Reality (VR) Head Mounted Devices (HMD)

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FantasySFM Review: An Independent Spirit

When you think about virtual reality you likely don’t consider the CGI animators who help make it all happen. Some very talented animators are starting to take a closer look at adult entertainment right now. And even more surprising is that the best VR content is coming from die-hard fans of the art form rather than large name-brand studios. FantasySFM is one of those fans and since the early days of virtual reality his specialty has been CGI porn animations.

Name Origination

FantasySFM’s name stems from Source Filmmaker (SFM) a well-known software program where creators have the ability to animate CGI models in 3D environments. Valve a gaming studio originally developed the program and a majority of the sexy content found on online today was made by some of the most talented CGI artists all over the world.

Character Creation

The majority of SFM related content available or seen online now includes video game characters and FantasySFM uses them in his own video creations. Video game character models have become the preferred choice by many independent CGI creators simply because they’re more readily available. The fact that fan seems to love this theme is simply the icing on the cake.

Some of the characters you might see in FantasySFM’s work are Samus (Metroid) and D.Va (Overwatch). He doesn’t keep it simple and basic when creating his videos. He uses the models to the full extent creating multiple characters in just a single scene with an attractive environment so the viewer is more immersed.

Something else you might notice in many of FantasySFM’s work is techno music. It’s upbeat and actually compliments his animations well. Not to worry though he keeps a level balance between abrasive techno and high-energy techno so as not to disrupt the experience for the viewer.

Booty Room by FantasySFM

One example of just how music really can impact the overall experience is the Booty Room Experience. Here your environment is a mixture of a dark underworld and a strip club. You’ll experience booty based animations that are pleasing to the eye in more ways than one.

Banana Swing by FantasySFM

The Banana Swing video offers a crazy but erotic experience. This simply proves that they are not afraid to venture beyond their distinct style and experiment with new ideas never before tried or seen. This will make more sense once you watch the video.

Expect the Unexpected with FantasySFM

FantasySFM has definitely reached a level of bizarre that nobody else has achieved as of yet. Imagine a large fruit being taken in to space to pleasure a gigantic woman…if this excites you then you’ll enjoy what FantasySFM has to offer. Gigantism is a fetish that has recently been trending and this video will satisfy your fetish cravings. If you simply want to step out of your comfort zone and see something new or different then check out FantatsySFM.