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Bringing upon us the golden age of VR Waifuism.

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How It Came to Be

LewdFraggy’s success came from his desire and passion to create videos for VR viewers. But that wasn’t enough in the beginning. He wanted to take it a step further and enable the user to make their own individual and unique experience.  That’s where the Waifu Sex Simulator comes in. This tech allows a user to enjoy a unique sexual experience customized to their liking.

LewdFraggy explains that his mission was to “show how perfection can be reached through the crafting of the perfect Waifu” with the primary goal of “bringing us the golden age of VR waifuism.” While some may view the Waifu technology as a temporary ‘trend’ Fraggy suggests that it could become a long-term and even ‘atlernative’ lifestyle for many.

But that’s because he’s passionate about the power of Waifus. Traditional hentai communities have already been looking for a new leader to head the VR anime world. The Waiful Simulator could be the very thing they’ve been looking for.

Not everyone is accepting of LewdFraggy’s Waifu Sex Simulator. There’s been some conflict already and the recent scandal of Reddit a popular social media site banning LewdFraggy’s account stirred up even more conversation in the community. The reasons for his account being banned are still unclear and disputed but it hasn’t wavered LewdFraggy’s passion for his Simulator and he hasn’t budged or compromised on his overall vision.

LewdFraggy’s Individual Game Design

LewdFraggy has his own game design that allows the user to decide what they want their experience to be like. When you begin the game you are in a room with some menus; that’s it. Not over-complicated like some games. You can then take control of how the game goes. Just remember you get out of the game what you put into it and it’s designed so that you have complete control with the Waifu Simulator.

Some people might find the Waifu app to be somewhat of a chore rather than a ‘game’ but others may have an easier time with it. Creating your own animated scene takes some work and involves some technical aspects that many viewers won’t immediately notice.

Regardless of the conflict and praise that Waifu has received given that users seem to enjoy the Simulator so far shows that there is some demand for this type of adult VR tech. The Waifu Simulator could be the reason many people start to show an interest for the creation of 3D hentai and the anime community could easily grow.