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Marc Dorcel VR

MARC DORCEL presents its IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES of virtual reality in 360° 3D

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Be a pornstar surrounded by five performers!

Dorcel Vision among one of the leading porn movie production firms in Europe has lately released two brief videos for virtual reality. They revealed some curiosity in this new medium for a short time but now has now gone viral. These films features pornstars such as Anna Polina Tarra White and Jessie Volt.

The soft-core video Expertise Gentle is free while the hard-core version is accessible for 9.99 euros (10.64 bucks) where you’ll additionally need a 360 video player to view them. The movies have an angle of 360° and are in 3D.

Expertise Gentle offers lots of flirting but nevertheless boobs pussies and asses are available for your viewing pleasure. It lasts for 2 minutes and 46 seconds where you incarnate the producer of the film. You’ll see the crew all around you installing the capturing gear and the performers planning themselves. Anna introduces them all to you and each make the most of that second to tease you. At the ending Anna gets a phone : the last performer missed her flight. After being supported by every one Anna decides to participate in the motion picture and teases you as well.

The hardcore version which is accessible for 9.99 euros (10.64 bucks) continues 7 minutes 34 seconds and is called “Dans la peau d’un acteur X” (Be a pornstar). This time you incarnate the male celebrity. The environment is exactly the same but this time you’re putting on a mattress and all five daughters are right next to you in a half-circle. They’ll suck you and trip you while you are going to have a lesbian action on your left and an actress using a dildo to your right.

Their quality

The pictures were shot with ARIG of 14 GoPro cameras. Their resolution and frames per second are extremely great and their 3D is amazing. It’s perfect for the figures and furniture where it only reveals a number of strange joints on the partitions and the audience will squint when seeking down at a floor. This really is as a result of combined go professionals that produces 4 ideal point of views around the consumer and more rough places in between. Marc Dorcel owner of Dorcel Vision acknowledged this constraint which compelled them to place the performers at quite specific angles around an individual making the quality of the movies extremely high.

The location of the cam is great: our human anatomy is never distorted. Whether you happen to be sitting in the first movie or placing in the 2nd one a black circle only conceals our torso but it’s truly appropriate. One gripe though: for that award the video looks way too-short! Let us hope we get complete pictures later on.

The need for sound

The quality and use of the sound is extremely great too. The figures can be noticed from everywhere even over the songs. For instance when Anna is on the telephone even if she’s in the rear behind celebrities speaking to each other she can be comprehended totally. The sound can also be totally spatialized. This can be more hitting in the 2nd video when the five daughters are placed all around the audience who eventually ends up surrounded by sounds of kisses sucking and moans. I consider sounds coming in the left and proper are even utilized to bring your focus on specific instants: if a specially loud moan can be noticed on the left for instance he will need to look for the reason that way to see what triggered that moan of delight.

Immersive videos

The names of the videos are like the types of the Naughty America videos. They inform us that we are going to get the opportunity to incarnate an unusual profession which is truly among the great advantages of virtual reality. After all who hasn’t thought about one or more times about what being a pornstar would be like? In the first movie Anna tells you that you’re the producer and in the 2nd movie the performers identifies you as the male performer in the beginning. If you actually were those you’ll understand that it isn’t a thing that it’s possible to forget easily.

We must comprehend that they’re not speaking to the celebrity here. They have been speaking directly to you personally the consumer! So this is role-playing and Anna the storyteller is letting you know about your character. Another depth goes into that direction: in the 2nd movie the performers begin to tease you before the start of the capturing. So there isn’t any actual film being produced here (except the 360 one) the team and cams are only part of the surroundings. The celebrities are wearing outfits which you would not run into in the same scene : Tarra is a maid Jessie is a nurse Anna is a business woman and the two other types are wearing hot lingerie. Jessie even whines about it telling you that these costumes have nothing in common. So this film appears to not have any scenario in any way joining lots of components which can be common in porn and the picture jokes about it. Actually the actual scenario is you incarnating a producer and an actor.

During both pictures girls will keep combining those characters and your actual identity to vex you. In both movies Anna asks you if you’re comfortably sitting or setting. She’s speaking to you personally she’s inquiring about the relaxation of the person sporting the virtual reality headset. I do lots of public demos during holidays or meet-ups and after setting my Oculus Rift on the top of somebody I usually ask that individual if she’s comfy. The celebrities remark that you will be adorable as if it were your first film. They’re not discussing the male pornstar who likely played in many films. They have been talking about you who mathematically likely never attempted a virtual reality porn film before or at least maybe not in 3D since they may be fairly unusual or at the least perhaps not a Marc Dorcel one… nicely because these are the first kinds which were made! During the entire scenes the performers are pleasuring you as if they could influence you through virtual reality. And in a sense they are able to. At the ending Jessie jerks the celebrity quickly and orders you to cum several occasions. And should you be generally made up there exists the opportunity which you will cum at the time also. Everything’s got to allow you to feel excellent: the actions and moans increasingly raise all around you till the climax after which the scene becomes serene and relaxing. Here virtual reality enables one to have a greater affair with celebrities. I mightn’t go as significantly as declaring that you’re actually part of the scene because you-can’t socialize or speak with the ladies. But you’re way beyond being merely a viewer searching through a little computer screen like a voyeur peeping on his neighbours through a window.

So this scenario will be quite new and confusing for most of the customers but there exists a great and helpful ambiance throughout both films that may actually set the viewer at simplicity and will assist him curl up. Really the performers keep joking and laughing: “Do Not neglect to discuss” and “enjoy your huge tits”! Eventually the closeness of virtual reality is an excellent manner to better propagate an idea. With this picture Marc Dorcel determined to share a responsible concept: two distinct condoms will be employed one for each performer which will ride you and this really is not shamefully concealed: Jessie even opens the bundle with her mouth and laughs about it. So the message is obvious: have fun and safer sex!

The visible aspect

In case a great visual is not enough to make a great virtual reality film (you also want a great sensible design situation staging…) it likely is the most significant feature since vision is the primary perception influenced by VR this component would function as the longest and comprehensive feature on which Marc Dorcel concentrated the most with these pictures and it’s also evident since the beginning. The first movie begins with Anna bent-over us. So the 1st perspective you’ll have is her deep cleavage correct before our face. Like that the T-One is set.

Subsequently Anna presents everyone to you. This can be merely a pretext for the performers to each in turn tease you and undress in front of you. It’s also badly disguised deliberately to a comical ambiance of the pictures. First Kimber requires her fill up while asking the person whether it was producing her torso to appear modest. Subsequently Jessie takes her nurse blouse away while whining that it has nothing to do next to some maid making Tarra covetous and wanting to flaunt her seethrough bra. Eventually after discovering that the celebrity missed her airplane Anna pulls her boob from her bra and licks it while requesting if she’s hired for the film. This makes every other woman joyful and begin to kiss and lick each other… So all these overplayed scenarios demonstrate that everything is just a pretext to give the viewer an eyeful.

In these scenes we discover lots of components which can be typical of the Marc Dorcel stylish and hot universe: Anna’s red-painted lips and business woman uniform Tarra’s look out of bra Kimber’s reddish kinky lingerie… These type of details actually make all their feeling in virtual reality with which it is possible to look at them up close. Virtual reality enables us to have a privileged see with the performers as if we were in the VIP seating in a concert or an activity sport. The 2nd movie is full of great hardcore actions on which we have an excellent view: Anna and Jessie begins by sucking and licking our cock in turn subsequently Anna offers us a titjob and lastly they’re going to ride us one after the other the first in a cowgirl placement while another will pick a reverse-cowgirl placement so we can see equally front and rear.

Every time the female that’s not doing the fucking she supports the person who is as though she was presenting her to us and to give us a straight better view: Jessie retains Anna’s boob wrapped around our cock while she gives the titjob. In exchange Anna will hold her butt when she’ll rides as well. They may be so close to us that we can see the fingers of another female sink in skin on their boobs and buttocks. It is so near and the 3D is so great we sense like we could almost touch it. That is just what the performer does as he reaches for Jessie’s butt cheeks. Those sexual positions are common for VR but are nicely interpreted. Just one criticism: at one-point Jessie lowers herself while driving and bends the cock at a strange angle this seems rather distressing! Nevertheless facials continue to be quite unusual in virtual reality pictures and this one is extremely nicely done we can see everything as Jessie masturbates you with their tongues while they grin at you and seem right into your eyes.


Marc Dorcel supplied us some large quality virtual reality content here: 3D 360 films are still quite unusual particularly in porn. The theatrical production is smart and the situation equally kinky and humorous. The complete result demonstrates the firm understood totally the new problematics and passions of VR. I’ve experienced the quality in their films and it’s only going to improve with each new one. Hopefully next time we’d enjoy an extended video please! Perhaps a VR about the Russian Institute?