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MMD with HeadLookController

Another MMD-Oculus with HeadLookController

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Things I liked:

  • Good quality models and lots of them.
  • Did you motion capture a whole AKB48 concert? I love the way the girls walk around each other and clearly aren’t just duplicated animations.
  • Head-look adds a lot.
  • Hidden surprise animation. 😉

Things I might have changed if I did it:

  • Maybe mix up the body types. It looks like they all have the same body at the moment. Maybe some different sizes and coloring (tan lines etc). Probably easier said than done.
  • The night time environment and flashlight remind me of a horror game. I was half expecting the girls to turn into hideous monsters and cause a jump scare. I was a little scared to explore the rest of the environment but glad I did.
  • As mentioned height controls and play/pause control would be a nice add.
  • A few minor pops in animation where legs go wonky but mostly really good.