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Nyotaimori VR

Eat sushi off a female body in VR

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■ Real-time 3D model that touches the whole body

In this work we have implemented a collision detection and a physical calculation on the whole body of a woman.
This makes it possible to touch every part of the female body the
contact shock propagates throughout the body and reproduces realistic behavior.

■ Fulfilling Character Making

The female body of this work can be finely adjusted according to customer’s preference.
Of course you can also specify posture and emotions of emotions and emotions.
Please enjoy the female body of your choice.

■ Build and eat ladies’ body

You can create a female body with your favorite ingredients served on the female body.
Served ingredients can be served by licking.
Please also enjoy the reaction and the change of state when licking a woman.

■ VR compatible hybrid program

This work can switch the use of virtual reality.
Those who do not have VR equipment can also fully enjoy it.
HTC Vive’s correspondence has been experimentally implemented.
* VR equipment currently supports only Oculus Rift.