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Pornulus Rifts Preview Demo

I'm working on a 2nd release if you could call my other thing a release. But I'm running into a few issues. With oculus 4.2 there was a check box for "use player eye height" which when disabled allowed use of 5/6 to make the camera go up/down. I don't see this option anymore in oculus 4.3 does anyone know how I can enable the use of 5/6 again?

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Another not so important issue is that the motions I’m using support more detailed tongue motions but my model doesn’t support it. Does anyone have a version of the Alice model with the modified tongue? If you send it to me I can update the app with the model.

Version 3 is done probably the final version. Enjoy! Special thanks to CrispyVitamin for leading me on the right path for camera height adjustment.’

The model is by Kakomiki motion by Psy (I think?).