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Rising Play

VR Game in a warehouse

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One girl waking up at a certain physical education warehouse and tearing crazy pleasure to begin

■ Real time 3D
work realizes the highest visual of real time 3D.
It is possible to play with real time camera work or intuitive mouse operation.

■ Automatically Generated Motion
Automatically Generated Motion Using Perfectly Random Character Motion In addition using automatic cameras and automatic birth change realizing visual without any repetition.

■ Various play in combination You can use three characters to blame accept violate and so on.
Lespray Futanari Play Reverse Rape etc can be created Voice also changes according to the situation.

■ 2 large volumes women and 1 male are included. You can select clothes half nakedness naked nude for each.
For those who do not need their own characters translucent humans can also be used.
Situations can be played in 9 ways: woman on top posture positive sitting back handsman cunnilingus blowjobs handjob electric rhythm vibes.

■ Auto play With automatic play you can enjoy like a movie.
You can also make your favorite play using even simpler AI.

■ Two game modes prepared
Scenario play focusing on game rules
Practical use and freedom emphasis free play

■ VR full-length VR can be played! Etching scenes that life-size characters spread are magnificent.
Changed to winter setting to give a realistic feeling. The breath exerted by the girl takes a player.
Compatible models OculusRiftCV1 HTC Vive OculusTouch and VIVE controller shake up and down or back and forth (you can also operate with the mouse)

■ Electric Onaho corresponding to Cyclone X 10 Onaho moves in conjunction with character movement I will.

■ MOD Tools

Make 3D models that you make yourself or you can play with Rising Play.
You can produce characters and sounds using the MOD tool bundled with Unity.
I made it quite easy so I think I can do even Unity’s inexperienced person. ↓

Additional Characters
Imagine Girls
can add three characters of iris vienne lina can be used in free play. (Voice is the same as the current character)

■ CV
Momoi Kosuzu … Tsuyama love
Ayafu Rinhana … Yukino Misato
Tsukishima Madokato … Sagami Kazuki

■ trial
situations that can play in the trial version cowgirl Cunnilingus handjob (story only handsman) will be.
Otherwise it will be the same content as the product version.

■ Other
* We strongly recommend checking the operation with trial version before purchasing.
* Update will be re-DL.