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Second Life Project Oculus Rift

Key Controls

  • Enter HMD mode - CTRL + SHIFT + D
  • Align to look - Q
  • Center Mouse Pointer - Z
  • Action key - X
  • Camera Mode - M (Press multiple times to cycle through 3rd Person HMD Mouse look and 1st Person modes)
  • Hide UI - CTRL+SHIFT+U

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Below are some system settings and Viewer tweaks that we found improved the performance of Second Life with the Oculus Rift.

  1. In Windows 7 turn OFF Aero (go to Windows Basic setting in the “Personalize” right-click menu on the desktop).
  2. In the Windows display settings adjust the refresh rate on the DK2 to 60hz rather than 75hz.
  3. Make sure your Oculus config runtime and firmware are up to date.
  4. Make sure the power cable is plugged in to the Rift.
  5. If using an NVIDIA card update to the latest drivers which have some Oculus/VR specific optimizations.
  6. Turning on Triple buffering in the NVIDIA control panel may help in some cases. Results may vary.
  7. To increase framerate try reducing the Second Life Viewer draw distance and/or disable Shadows and the Ambient Occlusion.
  8. On the HMD setting panel in preferences try experimenting with turning low persistence mode on and off. We’ve found that is some cases it can exacerbate ghosting and jitter.
  9. If you’re in Mac OS X it is recommended that you exit HMD when uploading files such as images or models. There is currently an issue that can get your viewer stuck in a bad state if you attempt to upload files while HMD Mode is enabled.