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UE4 VR Strip Club

Alt-enter to go into rift mode. Press Start button to open menu click oculus icon and set screen percentage to 100 if frame rate is low. Or lower if needed but 100 works for me. xbox controller is is pretty much required to get the most out of the demo.

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Back button / Shift-R key – resets rift orientation

Start button / Enter – opens settings menu

A button / E Key – selects the item you are looking at. (Works on the settings menu and the girl on stage)

B button / Tab key – opens the menu for the girl

X button / C key – crouch – Sit really as if you’re on the couch

left/right triggers – raises your respective leg for fun

Keyboard menu commands:

0 – stop

1 – follow

2 – dance

3 – fuck

4 – suck

Once you have the girl on stage selected (dragon icon showing) you can move her around with the d-pad and open her menu with B button.

I haven’t figured out how to control the menu options with the xbox controller so you have to use the mouse. And the mouse is a pain because it doesn’t draw on both eyes so you have to move the cursor between your eyes to click something in the middle of your view. There are also some mouse focus issues after you select a menu item. Click anywhere except a button to clear the focus.

The lonely girl on the couch doesn’t believe in gravity.