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Virt-A-Mate an adults-only virtual reality sex simulator. The goal of this project was to make realistic characters using a combination of realistic joint physics soft body physics skin-accurate collisions and advanced rendering techniques.

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If you enjoy porn then you’ve likely fantasized about being on the set whether you’re acting directing or filming; just being a part of the movie being created. Well get ready to make that fantasy come true with the VR porn game Virt a Mate Test. You can create a sex scene and be in charge of everything that goes into making the scenes you already watch know and love.

Virt a Mate has undergone many updates since the start of this year. While it may have been released in July of 2017 the game continues to be in development which means the makers are all about making the best VR porn game and that’s a good thing. Many VR porn games release new updates periodically and in doing so they’re keeping users happy; all games get boring after some time so new improvements and additions are always welcomed.

The Virt A Mate game is supported by the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift; two of the most popular VR headsets available today. When in the game you can touch the porn actress in most areas of her body and it’s actually quite realistic. You can watch a free demo of the game but the game itself isn’t free to play. The cost varies on your choices and how you create your sex scenes. You can pay to unlock more more positions and interactions for a small monthly fee; $2 to $8 a month.

How is the Gameplay?

Once you begin the Virt A Mate game you are in a dark room and there’s a redheaded lady looking right at you. So now you have two choices; 1) load a premade scene or material or 2) create your perfect sex scene from scratch. If you’re simply looking for the action and don’t care much about creating the scene yourself you can find a lot of premade content online check out Reddit and load the premade scene into your save folder to be loaded into your game.

You can keep the redhead lady already in the room with you or you can create your own girl. You might be surprised at just how realistic the graphics are of the girls; this can make it harder to create the perfect girl for your perfect scene.

You then start creating your scene once you have your porn actress ready. Position her body in different ways by grabbing different body points and positioning her how you wish. You can then depict her movements whether it’s moving her head or her butt etc.

Now it’s time to make the rest of the scene match with your sex scene. Decorate the room how you like; you can even add custom images and your own music. Want the girl to moan? You can make that happen too! We’ll warn you now – many hours could be spent playing Virt A Mate creating the perfect sex scene and just researching all about the game; including premade scenes.

Pros of Virt a Mate

Impressive graphics

Constant updates and game development

Endless possibilities for creating the perfect sex scene

Very addicting!

Cons of Virt A Mate

Difficulty starting the game – you can make it easier by loading a premade scene but if you want the full experience of the game you’ll need to spend time learning how to create the perfect sex scene on your own.


If you’re just after some VR sex then this likely isn’t the game for you – or it could be if you use premade scenes and get right to the point. Otherwise you could look at some other games like Waifu Sex Simulator.