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VR Hentae

Enjoy Virtual Sex using a Smartphone Controller!

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*** To play this game a smartphone and wireless router is required. ***
*** Make sure to check system compatibility via the Trial Version. ***


– PC only edition (works without VR)
– VIVE edition
– Oculus Rift Touch edition (needs Touch Controller)

Install the acceleration analysis app “accacc”
and use your smartphone as a controller!

Android version: accacc

iPhone version: accacc

(Or search using the keywords “accacc wifi” in GooglePlayStore or AppStore)

[Play Contents]
– Airi and Veene await your arrival!
– You can get nice and close to and licky lick kissy kiss their faces.
– Shake the smartphone for piston like thrusting movement.
– Use a combination of kissing and thrusting to make the girls cum.
– You can calibrate the girl’s size location and angle to your preferences.
– Contains 2 stages x 2 characters x 3 sexual positions!