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VR Kanojo

Let’s take a quick review of the latest release of additional content available to the first released VR Kanojo in 2017.

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The majority of people really enjoy Asian chicks – especially when it comes to VR material; xxx rated or not. Virtual asian characters have the premise of being very sweet and innocent and is why many viewers are drawn to such females. In VR Kanojo a virtual reality sex game this asian lady wants you to help her study; but we both know that’s not what’s really going to happen!


Take a Bath with Sakura

In the newly released DLC for VR Kanojo you can bathe with her and that’s exactly what many fans of the original game wanted. You can make her look nice and fancy or you can leave her naked. Of course if you’re going to be bathing together it seems like nude would be the preferred preference. You can start washing her but be careful she’s ticklish!

If you haven’t yet played VR Konojo you can check out the demo on the home official homepage. They did a great job with the design and the VR support is well implemented. Get ready to move around the room make her boobies bounce or even look up her skirt!

There’s also a new update in the works to be released soon that allows you to do even more with Sakura the main character. You can dress her up in new outfits play in the new map that will be added and even take pictures of her. Unfortunately the cost of the game hasn’t gone down any since it’s initial release in 2017 and is still close to $50 when purchased by the publisher Illusion.

What About the Gameplay?

For those of you who prefer some time of ‘point’ to your game the main point of VR Kanojo is to offer a girlfriend experience. Kanojo means girlfriend; for those who are unaware. The game focuses on the intimacy between you and the girlfriend character rather than her simply being a sex doll to do with as you like. If that’s what you’re looking for check out the game Fallen Doll. Of course it doesn’t take long for your relationship to get steamy quickly so you don’t have to wait long to get really naughty with her.

When the time comes to be a little more intimate you can choose from many different sexual positions and/or handjobs and she will even finish you off in her mouth. The graphics are pretty impressive for being a VR porn game too.


Pros of VR Kanojo

  • Girlfriend experience
  • Good graphics
  • New updates allow for more interaction possibilities
  • Impressive VR support for gameplay


Cons of VR Kanojo

  • The cost – this is one of the more costly VR porn games available and with newer updates in the works it’s likely not going to come down in price any time soon.


If you want a real girlfriend experience that allows many possibilities in terms of what can be done in the game play VR Kanojo won’t disappoint. It’s just getting past the price point that’s the hardest part but it’s well worth it if you love Asian women and VR girlfriends.