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Waifu Sex Simulator

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This is likely one of the most popular VR porn games in terms of the options available to make it a unique experience. The Waifu Sex Simulator offers more than 500 models for users to choose from and many are some of your favorite anime characters and even Marvel Heroes.

Waifu Sex Simulator

A recent update by developer LewdFraggy offers users more than 100 new models in addition to more dances positions and scenes. The latest 2.8 version of the game has improved rendering and is supported by the HTC Vive Leapmotion and Oculus Rift. Once you’ve experienced a VR porn game you won’t want to go back to a controller of any kind!

More About the Gameplay

If you’ve never played the game we’ll discuss it a little more first. When you begin the game you’re in a wide-open desert-style environment standing alone in an empty space. Now you can load a girl into your virtual world adding a scene and any animations you choose.

Your virtual girl will interact in her own ways and have different ‘options’ for you to choose from. For example the “look at me” option makes her watch you and turn with you as you walk around her. This provides a much more realistic experience for the user. You can choose to make her dance from many preloaded options.

However there isn’t really any ‘gameplay’ to this VR porn game. It’s exactly as the name states Waifu Sex Simulator and therefore doesn’t offer a story or ways to progress in the game nor can you talk to your created avatar; yet.

Pros of Waifu Sex Simulator

  • It’s free
  • More than 500 models to choose from
  • Regular updates
  • Supported by HTV Vive Leapmotion and Oculus Rift

Cons of Waifu Sex Simulator

  • No story line
  • No way to chat with avatar
  • No option to progress in the game


If you’re looking for an interactive VR porn game you’ll get minor interaction with Waifu Sex Simulator. However if you’re solely after some VR sex fun then you’ll enjoy this free game most definitely. The company has done a great job making the game do as it states but the menu could use a little updating. Maybe in a future update we’ll see a better starting menu.