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Woman On Top

It's a pretty simple woman on top scene with nice animation synced great sounding audio and eye tracking. A headless male model has also been added.

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Once inside Press alt + enter (or ctrl+R) to go to rift mode. You can increase the graphic settings from the menu. There’s some shadow flickering on the default settings. I’d change the defaults but I don’t know how yet.

Rift Mode: ctrl+R
Camera Up/Down: Q and E
Movement: WASD
Reset HMD: R
Menu: Enter
Switch breast animation: F (changes the face animations a bit as well)
Toggle between Malebody/Detached penis: G
Disable Penis/Malebody: V
Change world size: pageup/pagedown (might be a bit glitchy)

Edit: Small update. Added headless male model (stationary for now at least)
Added ambient sound and better squishy noises
testing with player size changing
wet material on penis

The graphic settings are now on max (except AA and distance) so if you’re getting low frame-rate try changing the settings from the menu.