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XStoryPlayer is one of its kind first person 3D sex/adventure game created by X Moon Productions. It has high quality graphics and animation which makes you feel it as real. You can own this game at a bargain price of $9 only.

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XStoryPlayer comes with different play modes. It has two story play modes and four fast play modes with straight up sex option. You have to play from the beginning to end in each story mode to unlock the scenes for quick play. In the first story play mode called ‘Dark Dreams’ you will be given a character of a guy who works in gym called ‘Joe’. You will have to play and earn points with every girl you meet. Eventually you will get to have sex with two babes and finally with hot brunette bombshell in a kinky BDSM screen.

In the second story mode You will play the character of a fashion photographer where you will shoot pictures of hot models and eventually have sex with them. This story is called ‘Wet Dreams’.

Once you are done with the adventure part of the game you will get to have sex with lot of varieties of beautiful women. The graphics and animation are mind blowing and the voice quality is up to the mark. The girls in the story though lay flat like star-fish and you have to use any toy or your dick to manipulate them.

There are quite a number of sex toys to choose from. They are weighted nipple clamps whipping toys and few types of dildos. With part of the story you will be playing with a girl at a different location and toy as per the story. Each story has a special theme like ‘sex by the pool’ ‘bondage’ where the girl is tied up throughout the game.

With the help of keyboard inputs you are allowed to talk to the girls in English. But you have to choose the right words to play ahead and score more. If you mess up then you have to start all the way from scene one again.

Every story has different characters to select from. In order to get into the character with special skills and features you have to play and win through each story to unlock every character in the game.

With all graphics and animation it’s definitely worth the money.